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A Certified Immigration Consultant

Personalized immigration services, aligning your goals
to a realistic approach with step by step guidance.


We believe in the power of connecting communities by creating people to people ties

We believe in the power of connecting communities by creating people-to-people ties.

We created Northern Road to help people connect with Canada and to do amazing things together. We connect people with their communities and introduce them to new communities to support them to prosper. The lives they dream of. The adventures they seek for. To reconnect families and their loved ones. And foster what it truly means to be a proud part of Canadian society.

Whether you’re looking to visit and explore a new country or making a bold leap forward to igniting new opportunities in your life, Northern Road is here to help you unlock your unique story for life in Canada.


From Canada to Vietnam

In August 2021, Yan Desjardins started building grassroots for Northern Road in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

After a long career in the Canadian public service, both in Canada and abroad, he wanted to put his 15 years of immigration experience at the service of others and help create stronger people-to-people ties between Canada and Vietnam. Using and building on his experience as a Senior Immigration Officer for IRCC, Yan wanted to offer an ethical, transparent, and cost-effective alternative for Canadian immigration consulting services to the Vietnamese market.

That’s when Northern Road, Immigration to Canada came to life.

Why Northern Road?

We help people ignite opportunities to elevate the lives of others

Transparent & Personalised

Igniting opportunities and elevating lives are at the heart of our mission. It's where we provide transparent, personalized, and accountable immigration services to connect our customers with the lives they imagine in Canada.


But connecting with our customers is only the beginning. Immigrating to a new country is an exhilarating moment to build upon your knowledge of the world. From developing and integrating new cultural norms and making them your own to uncovering rich new discoveries about yourself.


With our unparalleled expertise, charismatic mindset, and passion for connecting communities, we support our clients' transition to Canada to be an exciting and memorable moment that will be ingrained in the hearts of our customers and families we've touched.


To uplift people's lives and businesses throughout Asia to attain their
ambitions and goals.

Work with the expert in
Canadian Immigration​

Whatever your immigration challenge, we strive together to attain your ambitions and goals. Our immigration expertise provides hands-on guidance to meet our customers where they are and find the best possible solution you need to make your dream to go to Canada become reality.

Get access to our broad
network of partners in Canada to support your transition

Helping others is ingrained within Canadian culture, which is why we’ve developed an ecosystem of partners to support our clients’ new life in Canada for your individual needs. Northern Road has partnered with some of your daily fundamentals – financial and insurance providers, student recruitment, real-estate, investors, accelerators, lawyers, and more – to lower the stress and costs of moving abroad.

Giving back to the
communities we live in

We believe it is essential to give back to the communities that we live in.
Therefore, we are constantly looking for new projects to bring awareness, protect and identify Vietnamese communities vulnerable to modern slavery and human trafficking as part of our corporate social responsibility.


Ignite your Dream. Go Further.

Our focus is to help our customers at every step of the immigration process – strategically providing accountable immigration services for students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and families to create, live, and prosper.

Our Culture

Diversity and inclusion is at the heart of our culture

We are building a diverse, inclusive, and result-oriented culture, one that inspires people to be themselves and challenge the status quo by standing up for their individual beliefs.
Everything we do starts with our three core values:

Enrich and Strengthen
the Lives of Others ​

Empower Curiosity
through Discovery

Respect Diversity and