5 Canadian tourist destinations that few people know about

by Northen Road, June 8th, 2022
5 Canadian tourist destinations that few people know about

Canada is currently the second largest country in the world and one of the countries with the leading developed economies. Not only that, this country attracts a lot of tourists because of countless world-famous landscapes and landscapes. If you have the opportunity to travel to Canada, here are 5 little-known tourist destinations that are extremely special and will definitely bring you unforgettable experiences.

1. Newfoundland and Labrador 

If you want to visit some unique Canadian tourist attractions, Newfoundland and Labrador is the place for you. Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the Atlantic provinces of Canada. Newfoundland is a periphery, made up of islands, and Labrador is a separate continent. Here, you will be amazed by the beauty of the colorful buildings lining the slopes along the hills. The city also has many historical sites and attractions, but the real draw is the vibrant atmosphere, people and maritime culture that make this city so unique.Du lịch Canada - Newfoundland Và Labrador

Coming to Newfoundland and Labrador, you will have the opportunity to experience the quaintness of the towns around here

2. L’Anse aux Meadows: 

L’Anse aux Meadows is a longstanding national historic site in Canada, located on the tip of Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula. This place consists of six historic houses that exist, built by the Vikings in the year 1000.

At this site, you will be able to tour the reconstructed buildings with the structure of longhouses, workshops and stables. What is special and interesting at L’Anse aux Meadows is the folk music and cultural heritage formed on the traditions from Ireland, England and Scotland that were introduced here many centuries ago. With a wonderful natural scenery along with a long history, music and culture of the previous period, this place has gradually become an ideal tourist destination for tourists when traveling to Canada.

Địa điểm du lịch Canada - L'Anse aux Meadows


If you travel to Canada and set foot in Newfoundland, don’t forget to visit the Twillingate Islands in the Iceberg Alley! It is the oldest port on the Twillingate Islands and is known as the Iceberg Capital of the World, located on the Kittiwake Coast, the north coast of Newfoundland. Here, you’ll enjoy iceberg excursions, whale-watching tours, experience kayaking, or explore its signature trails and hikes. There are also museums, seafood restaurants, and craft shops for you to enjoy. If you want to have special experiences when traveling to Canada, Twillingate is the ideal destination for you.

Địa điểm du lịch Canada - Twillingate

4. Terra Nova National Park

One of the first national parks to be built in Newfoundland and Labrador, Terra Nova is part of the 2,400km-long Appalachian mountain system, extending from Newfoundland to Central Alabama. With its ideal wildlife, scenery and geography, this is definitely an attractive destination for tourists with popular sports such as canoeing, kayaking and windsurfing.

Địa điểm du lịch Canada - Công viên quốc gia Terra Nova

5. Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick

Perched on the Bay of Fundy are the famous Hopewell Rocks, unique rock formations carved by tidal erosion over thousands of years. Dubbed the “Flowering Stones” due to their rounded appearance and vegetation-covered treetops, these sandstone formations provide a unique reference point for the world’s highest tides. gender.


What makes this place special is the beauty of the tides here. For the most complete experience, you should explore both times of the tide. At low tide you’ll be able to see the entire Hopewell rock on the ocean floor and even be able to walk below! Conversely, during high tide, you can explore the beauty of Hopewell Rock through a kayaking excursion among the tops of the rocks.

Địa điểm du lịch Canada - Đá Lọ Hoa - Hopewell Rocks

When you arrive at Hopewell Rocks, spend two days exploring all of the activities it has to offer, like:

See the beauty of the tide Visiting the Acadian Coast
See migratory seabirds (between July and August) Kayaking at high tide
Explore caves and walking trails.

Although Hopewell Stone – “Flowering Stone” is not a famous scenic spot, when you travel to Canada, do not miss this great work! Do not forget to save this unique moment because at low tide, the whole bay looks like an extremely fancy funnel. Apply for a Canadian tourist visa today to see the natural beauty of this stone with your own eyes.

6.Whitehorse (Yukon)

The city of Whitehorse in the land of Yukon, really brings visitors comfort and peace. You can have a beer in the little bars, visit the Yukon MacBride History Museum, where you can learn about the wildlife, and the culture of the indigenous people.

Địa điểm du lịch Canada - Whitehorse (Yukon)

The special thing at Whitehouse that any visitor must be enchanted is experiencing the miraculous natural phenomena for themselves. During the summer months, you can sleep super late while the sun is still… at midnight! Not anywhere in the world can one observe the phenomenon of the sun still shining at night as in Canada. If you are planning to come to Canada just to see the Northern Lights, and visit Whitehorse in the winter, this is a great opportunity to observe and admire the light of this wonder at its best.

Địa điểm du lịch Canada - Ngắm Bắc Cực Quang Tại Whitehorse, Yukon

Apply for a Canadian tourist visa today so you can enjoy the beauty of Whitehorse and its amazing natural wonders!

7. Gulf Islands

If you want to escape from modern life, find balance in your soul, then there is no better place than the Gulf Islands! The Gulf Islands are located in the Georgia Strait (Salish Sea), between Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia, Canada. With clear blue sea and white sand, this is a great opportunity for you to immerse yourself in nature, immerse yourself in the whispers of the wind, and shake off all the stress and worries of life. 

Địa điểm du lịch Canada - Quần đảo Gulf Islands

In addition, you can watch whales or climb mountains at Gulf Island. There is nothing more wonderful than trying to feel like the indigenous people here. One of the loveliest features of this small Canadian town is that all of its shops, cafes and restaurants are run locally. Since most of the islands in the Gulf Islands are quite small, you can easily find and stop at any cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee and spend time watching the beauty of the sunset on the island.

Địa điểm du lịch Canada - Quán cà phê tại Quần đảo Gulf Islands

Come to Gulf and enjoy a true summer with Northern Road. Contact Northern Road today to apply for a Canadian tourist visa. Don’t forget to enjoy the many delicious dishes of summer in Canada on this trip.

8.Parkland Region, Manitoba

Địa điểm du lịch Canada - Vùng Parkland

The Parkland region located in the western part of Manitoba, Canada, is a wonderful combination of many different landscapes ranging from prairie grasslands, parks, woodlands, chains of lakes, plateaus, aspen parks, grasslands wildflowers, to sandy beaches, farmlands, rivers, creeks and streams. If you have a passion for produce, art galleries, ranches, parks, museums or historic sites, this Parkland is the place for you.


In addition, there are many forests and theme parks right in the Parkland Region, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a variety of adventures and explore wildlife such as bears, foxes, wolves, bison, deer, deer and many other species. Especially here, you can experience the wildest park with the largest green space in the western part of the province:

Riding Mountain National Park Crocus Trail
Vermillion Park Manipogo  Provincial Park
Rainbow Beach Provincial Park Forest of Porcupine Province
Asessippi Provincial Park Kettle Stones Provincial Park


One of the most remote regions of Canada, where the beautiful nature coupled with the majestic landscape will captivate any visitor. The best time to explore Manitoba’s Parkland Region is during the winter months, when after snowfall and lakes freeze, you can enjoy skiing, ice fishing and more. The Parkland region promises to bring you unique experiences that are hard to match with other landscapes. What are you still afraid to not plan to visit? Don’t forget to take nice check-in photos while skiing!

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