7 facts about Canadian immigration

by Northen Road, January 14th, 2022
7 facts about Canadian immigration

7 facts about Canadian immigration

Author: Yan Desjardins, Founder & Executive Director

Canada is a relatively young country compared to other European or Asian nations. Canada has always been a promising land for immigrants. Here are some interesting facts about Canada’s immigration history.

Canada did not always have its own citizenship.

The French and British were both colonists in Canada. When France lost the battle to the British in Québec city, everyone became British subjects. In 1947, Canada passed its first Citizenship Act that defined the grounds of today’s Canadian citizenship.

The legislator: Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

All immigration regulations, laws, and programs regarding immigration are decided in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. The Minister has the power to make regulations and implement new immigration programs while any changes to the immigration Act have to be put to the vote in the ‘House of Commons.’

Public Policies for quick measures

To address immediate immigration needs, the Minister has the power to implement public policies. For example, during the covid pandemic, a policy was put in place to help foreign nationals stranded on tourist visas in Canada to obtain a work permit.

Point-based immigration system

Canada was the first country in 1967 to introduce a point-based immigration selection program. The predecessor of today’s Express Entry scoring system. The program allowed people to immigrate to Canada under a skilled category, which is still in effect today: the Federal Skilled Workers program. Many countries followed Canada’s leading example and introduced similar programs.

Pier 21 in Nova Scotia

The pier was a former ocean liner terminal that saw more than 1 million immigrants between 1928 and 1971. Along with Québec city and Victoria in British Columbia, the pier was one of the 3 major ports for newcomers and refugees to arrive in Canada. Today, the Pier has transformed into Canada’s immigration museum.

More women immigrate to Canada than men.

In 2020, statista.com reported that 284,387 people chose Canada as their new home. It also reported that 143,341 women immigrated to Canada compared to 141,046 men. Canada welcomes immigrants from 200 countries each year.

Canada, land of new hope

The country has a long-standing humanitarian tradition. Canadians are friendly and generous people, and so is the government. Over the years, Canada has been welcoming many thousands of refugees. From the post-World War era or the Vietnamese boat people to the Syrian and Afghanistan crisis Canada has always been committed to providing a haven to the displaced refugees.

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