9 Frequently Asked Questions About Canadian Tourist Visa

by Northen Road, January 10th, 2022
9 Frequently Asked Questions About Canadian Tourist Visa

Authors: Yan Desjardins, Founder & Executive Director

Travelling is a way to ignite your dreams, go further and discover other cultures. Travelling builds character, tolerance and provides a fresh new vision of the world we live in. Having a 10-year Canadian visa in your passport can enable you to come year after year to visit and discover all of the great attractions and natural beauty Canada has to offer. Before you do, here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about the 10-year Canadian visa.

9 FAQs to help you understand better

1.If I get sick or have an accident while visiting Canada, will the Government of Canada pay for my medical treatment?

No. Travelers who wish to go to Canada are encouraged to purchase travel health insurance in case of emergency. Most credit card companies also offer travel health insurance when you are buying airfare with it. You may want to inquire with your financial institution.

2.Can I fill out one visa application for my whole family if we are traveling together?

No. To apply for a Canada visa, every applicant must fill out their form regardless of their age. This is because every applicant will be processed individually for the 10 year Canada visa.

3.What is the difference between a ‘10 year Canadian visa’ vs. a ‘visitor record’?

A visa is an actual counterfoil in your passport that allows you to travel to Canada. In addition, a visitor record is granted to those who apply to extend their stay in Canada after the original period of stay has expired.

4.How do I calculate the family size of my inviter in Canada for the super visa?

You must include yourself, any dependent traveling with you, and each family member of your inviter. The family composition includes their spouse/common-law partner, dependent children, and any other person who is financially reliant on them.

5.I want to apply for a Canada visa with my minor child but not my spouse.

You will need to provide a copy of your child’s birth certificate, an authorization letter, and a copy of a passport or national ID from the non-accompanying parent.

6.I have to complete a medical examination. Can I go to my family physician to do this?

No. Your family physician is not authorized to complete this medical examination for immigration to Canada purposes. Only panel physicians that are approved by the Government of Canada can achieve this for you.

7.Can I apply for a Canada visa in a country where I am not a citizen?

Yes. As long as you hold a valid immigration status in that country, you can apply to the Canadian visa office in your area.

8.I applied for permanent residence to live in Canada. Can I still apply for a Canada visa in the meantime?

Yes. You may have to provide additional explanation to satisfy the Canadian authorities that you will leave Canada if asked or if your permanent residence application is denied. However, having a permanent residence application in the process does not prevent you from applying for another type of Canadian visa.

9.If I am a business visitor and wish to work in Canada, will I need to apply for a work permit?

Yes. Suppose you plan to carry out other activities than the ones related to your initial business visit. In that case, significantly, if those activities interfere with the Canadian labor market, you will need to apply for a work permit.

Reasons Why You Should Apply For a Canadian visa

Witness the beauty of Canada

By applying and being granted a Canadian tourist visa, you will be able to come year after year to visit and discover all of the great attractions and natural beauty Canada has to offer. Choose from the beautiful Canadian Rockies in Alberta, the cosmopolitan city of Toronto, or the French colonial beauty of Québec City. Canada has something to offer to everyone. Keep reading for more reasons why you apply for a Canada visa.

Get a 10-year Canadian visa.

Canada understands the importance of the tourism industry to boost the economy of its cities, businesses, and tourist attractions. The 10-year Canadian visa program is one of the most generous of its kind across the world. When you apply for a Canada visa, not only are you saving money from not having to renew your Canadian tourist visa every year, you are also optimizing your chances of obtaining a visa for other countries.

Canada: a highly respected country

Having a 10-year Canadian visa in your passport can help you obtain visas for other countries. Canada’s tourist visa application procedure is among the most thorough and respected in the immigration industry worldwide. Being successful at applying for a Canada visa can provide you the international recognition needed to demonstrate that you are a trustworthy traveler.

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