Benefits When Applying for a Canada Tourist Visa

by Northen Road, November 25th, 2022
Benefits When Applying for a Canada Tourist Visa

Canada is currently the second largest country in the world and one of the countries with the leading developed economies. Canada has been a favourite destination for global tourists for many years. This country attracts many tourists through countless famous sights to great works such as the tower or the Federation Bridge. For these reasons, Canada welcomes millions of tourists every year. Join Northern Road to find out general information, the benefits of getting a Canadian tourist visa and the procedures for applying for a Canadian tourist visa!

1. General information about Canada tourist visa

Canada tourist visa is one of the most powerful visas in the world. Currently, there are 2 types of entry:

  • Single Entry – 1 entry with a maximum stay of 6 months.
  • Multiple Entry – multiple entries with a maximum of one stay of 6 months and decided by the customs at the entry border.

When you own a Canadian visa, this means that your travel record will be easily considered when traveling to any country in the world. Before applying for a Canadian tourist visa, let’s find out with Northern Road about the different types of visas, the procedure for applying for a Canadian tourist visa and the individual conditions that will be suitable for which type of visa.

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Canada Short-term Visa

This is a type of visa under Single Entry – single entry and usually has a duration of less than 1 year. With this short-term Canadian tourist visa, you are allowed to immigrate to Canada only once. After you leave Canada and want to return, you must apply for another visa.

Long-term Canadian tourist visa

  • Unlike a short-term Canadian tourist visa, this is a multiple-entry visa that allows you to enter and exit Canada multiple times.
  • Duration: up to 10 years depending on the validity of your passport and profile.
  • Long-term Canadian tourist visa can stay up to 6 months.

Canada tourist visa 10 years

This is a type of visa under the long-term Canadian tourist visa, but can only be issued when your passport is valid and valid for at least 10 years. With this type of visa, you are allowed to stay in Canada for up to 6 months.

At the same time, the 10-year Canada tourist visa also supports visiting relatives or having a job that needs to move a lot between Vietnam and Canada.

Canada tourist visa 10 years “CAN +”

The Canada tourist visa program CAN + creates favorable conditions for visitors with frequent needs to enter Canada. The application process is quick and reduced to documents such as financial proof. If you have been to Canada within 10 years or hold a valid visitor visa to the United States, you can apply under this visa program.

Super visa for grandparents/parents

This type of visa for grandparents/parents helps families reunite faster and longer. The stay period of this Super visa is up to 2 years per entry.

2. Benefits of applying for a Canadian tourist visa

When you own a tourist visa to Canada – one of the most powerful visas in the world, you will easily travel to many countries that are difficult to get a visa like the US or Europe. Here are other benefits when you own this visa:

Maximum stay 6 months:

Once you are granted a 10-year Canada tourist visa, you will be able to enter Canada multiple times during the validity of the visa. As for other types of visas, most of the maximum stay is 6 months in the host country and the length of your stay will be decided by the Customs.

Canada - lưu trú lên đến 6 tháng

With a long-term stay, you will have the opportunity to visit relatives and travel in the same trip. You will have plenty of time to visit all the places of interest in Canada. Please note that you need to leave Canada on time so that you can easily re-enter Canada next time.

Visa exemption when entering some other countries:

Passports with Canadian tourist visas are exempt from visas to 183 countries according to statistics. This shows how prestigious the country of Canada is to many other countries in the world. When you are granted a Canadian tourist visa, you will not need to apply for a visa to countries such as Taiwan, Mexico, Jamaica,… Thereby, your business or travel journey will be optimized and can save money. save money and time.

More plus points when applying for a US visa:

Canada is located in North America and is a neighboring country to the United States. The two countries have many similarities in politics, so the visa processing standards are also quite similar. When your passport has a 10-year Canadian tourist visa, you will have the opportunity to receive additional points and easier to get a US visa when the authorities review your visa application.

Increase opportunities to learn business investment:

When you apply for a Canadian tourist visa, especially a long-term visitor visa or a 10-year visa, you will be able to enter Canada multiple times. Thereby, you will have more time to learn more about the economy and politics to find business and investment opportunities in this country.

3. Top criteria to get a fast Canadian tourist visa from the Consulate

Applying for a Canadian tourist visa often includes cumbersome and time-consuming procedures to apply for a Canadian tourist visa. Here are the top criteria to increase your chances of getting a Canadian tourist visa:

  • Legitimate reason for travel: demonstrate a clear purpose of the trip such as business / tourism.
  • High level of income: the income level of an individual applying for a visa is very important. Each candidate needs to prove their income to increase the visa success rate to prove that you have enough money to stay in Canada. If you are the owner of a business, or are working at a foreign company with a stable income, the visa success rate will be very high.
  • Financial capacity: this is the case when you have a low income but still have stable financial resources, have savings and own assets such as houses, land, shares in companies.
  • Travel history: have traveled to developed countries such as Japan, Korea, Australia, … the time between trips should not be too close together.
  • Proof of binding relationships in Vietnam: it is easier to apply for a visa when you are in a marital status such as married or have children.

However, applying for a Canadian tourist visa is easy or difficult depending on the time. But don’t worry too much! Because according to some statistics based on customer profiles, you still have the ability to get a Canadian tourist visa, even though you may not have met the above conditions.

4. Canada tourist visa application procedure

When applying for a Canadian tourist visa, you need to provide the following documents:

Copy of valid passport Documents relating to previous international arrivals. Can be proved by electronic visa, stamp in passport and other visa types.
All forms are required, completed and signed, along with proof of payment of the Canadian tourist visa application fee. Proof of occupation: in each profession, different types of documents will be required.
Financial proof: a savings book made 3 months in advance from the date of submission of the application along with other lawful property ownership papers. Biometrics, for the first time Canada tourist visa application.

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5. Support and advice on applying for a Canadian tourist visa from Northern Road

Northern Road

As a member of the Canadian Council of Licensed Immigration Consultants (CICC), Northern Road has close links with prestigious educational institutions in Canada, providing a wide range of route planning advice and assistance. your travel itinerary.

Northern Road specializes in consulting immigration services according to the needs and conditions of customers. Services will be personalized and tailored to your goals with dedicated guidance from our consultants. Applying for this visa will open a new door for you to experience and explore many natural wonders, visit interesting tourist attractions and have more opportunities to learn about the special culinary culture of Vietnam. Canada. Northern Road always has a team of consultants with many years of experience in reviewing strong and weak applications. So choosing a reputable company to do Canada tourist visa is extremely necessary.

Contact Northern Road to start your Canada tourist visa consultation today! Let Northern Road make your Canada travel dreams come true.