Canada announces Immigration Plan 2023-2025

by Northen Road, November 15th, 2022
Canada announces Immigration Plan 2023-2025

Canada has made immigration a governmental priority in recent years to increase the admissions of immigrants to Canada to help curb the increasing labor demands and Canada’s aging population. 

In 2021, Canada broke a historical record by welcoming over 405,000 new permanent residents. It is no surprise that immigration to Canada under the skilled categories, under the Express Entry program accounted for the largest part.  Currently, Canada is well underway to meeting the 2022 immigration levels of 431,645 new permanent residents. By 2023, the target will increase to 465,000 new permanent residents, while it will reach 485,000 in 2024, further rising to 500,000 new permanent residents in 2025. Over 1,450,000 new permanent residents will be welcomed to Canada by 2025

Increasing targets for Express Entry and Provincial Nominees

Canada plans to attract new immigrants as per the breakdown of the expected immigration categories below.

2023-2025 Immigration Levels Plan
Immigrant Category 2023 2024 2025
Target Target Target
Overall Planned Permanent Resident Admissions 465,000 485,000 500,000
Economic Federal High Skilled 82,880 109,020 114,000
Federal Economic Public Policies 25,000
Federal Business 3,500 5,000 6,000
Economic Pilots: Caregivers; Agri-Food Pilot; Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot; Economic Mobility Pathways Project 8,500 12,125 14,750
Atlantic Immigration Program 8,500 11,500 14,500
Provincial Nominee Program 105,500 110,000 117,500
Quebec Skilled Workers and Business See Quebec’s immigration plan To be determined To be determined
Total Economic 266,210 281,135 301,250
Family Spouses, Partners and Children 78,000 80,000 82,000
Parents and Grandparents 28,500 34,000 36,000
Total Family 106,500 114,000 118,000
Refugees and Protected Persons Protected Persons in Canada and Dependents Abroad 25,000 27,000 29,000
Resettled Refugees – Government-Assisted 23,550 21,115 15,250
Resettled Refugees – Privately Sponsored 27,505 27,750 28,250
Resettled Refugees – Blended Visa Office-Referred 250 250 250
Total Refugees and Protected Persons 76,305 76,115 72,750
Humanitarian & Compassionate and Other Total Humanitarian & Compassionate and Other 15,985 13,750 8,000

Source: IRCC – Notice – Supplementary Information for the 2023-2025 Immigration Levels Plan

Canadian Economic Immigration Levels – 2017 to 2021

Canada has opened its doors to those who want to study in Canada or also work in Canada. Still, Canada’s ever-growing demand for new skills, business and support for the economy has pushed Canada to bring more permanent residents to Canada using immigration to Canada under the skilled categories.

The table below shows the increasing number of invitations to apply for immigration to Canada under the skilled categories. You can notice that in 2021, Canada increased the admission of economic immigrants by 146,549!

nhập cư Canada

Source: IRCC 2022 Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration

With the new immigration level measures, Canada plans to increase the targets for economic immigration to Canada under the skilled categories. By 2025, Canada will welcome up to 114,000 new immigrants under Express Entry and 117,500 for Provincial Nomination

Federal Business Program increased targets.

Those who wish to immigrate to Canada with a start-up business will be happy to see that Canada will increase its targets over the next few years. There will be more opportunities for entrepreneurs to immigrate with the Canadian startup visa program.

In 2023, Canada will welcome 3,500 new businesses, 5,000 in 2024 and 6,000 new Canadian startup visa program applications in 2025. 

immigration to canada

Why you should consider immigrating to Canada

Canada offers one of the greatest qualities of life worldwide with free education and healthcare. But that’s not all. There are many other reasons you should start a life in Canada, whether by working in Canada, studying in Canada or immigrating to Canada under the skilled categories.

  1. Canada has a low crime rate, strong gun control policies and safe communities from coast to coast;
  2. Canada’s economy is one of the strongest G7 economies in the world with a strong banking system; ideal for those who wish to immigrate to Canada with a start-up business;
  3. Canada is experiencing an unprecedented labor shortage. There are currently many opportunities to work in Canada.
  4. Lower tuition fees for post-secondary studies in Canada compared to other comparable G7 countries. 
  5. Access to apply for Canadian Citizenship after settling down in Canada. 

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