Canada’s Great Outdoors

by Northen Road, January 17th, 2022
Canada’s Great Outdoors

Author: Nolan Clack, Guest Blogger.

As Canadians, we like to look at Canada like one big enormous, beautiful playground. From the calm and peaceful national parks, our extensive mountainous pine forests, to the great lakes of Ontario, Canada is truly a nature lover’s paradise.

With the abundance of incredible landscapes to explore, the Canadian outdoors offers a range of activities that has something that interests everyone.

If you’re looking to ignite your inner adventurer, applying for a Canadian visa is the first step to unlock the many outdoor wonders that Canada has to offer. But before we get into the great outdoors of Canada, did you know that the country provides a 10-year Canadian visa?

Canada’s 10-year visa program

Canada recognizes the importance of tourism. Therefore, when you apply and are granted, you will likely obtain a 10 year Canada visa. This is by far one of the most generous visa lengths offered from countries around the world.

One visit to Canada will convince you to return year after year. And with a 10 Canada year visa, you’ll be on your way to discover or rediscover all of the beauty and charm that our country has to offer.

When you apply for a Canada visa, you will be asked to provide biometrics. The validity of your result will match your 10 year Canada visa. Therefore, you will not have to redo them if you decide that you want to study in Canada and apply for a study permit, for example.


With the many lakes throughout Canada, canoeing is easily accessible and not far away from any major city. To make the most out of this experience, we suggest canoeing in the early morning when the sun rises. The blissful feeling of taking in Canadian landscapes while breathing in the fresh, crisp air leaves residents and visitors in total serendipity.


Perhaps if you’re more on the adventurous side, a 10-year Canadian visa will provide visitors the opportunity to backpack in the Canadian wilderness anywhere from one to seven days with a group of friends. Pack your backpack, tent, boots, some warm clothes for at night, and plenty of food and water to watch the sunrise and settle as you hike through the many man-made trails available. Enjoy the evening around the campfire by sharing folktale stories, to wake up the following day to make yourself a nice cup of coffee on the fire to get ready for another day of trails.

Cross-Country Skiing

Did we mention Canada snows a lot? With all this snow, there are a bunch of activities available throughout the winter months. Our favorite? Cross-country skiing! Nothing is more enjoyable than exploring the great outdoors right in your backyard with some friends and a fluffy friend to accompany you along the way. One of the many great benefits of a 10-year Canadian visa is the four seasons Canada has to offer. A trip to Canada during the winter months is a great time to escape the humid and hot seasons of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Be sure to pack an extra set of gloves to stay warm!


Whether you have never fished before or considered yourself an expert, Canada is a great place to get your feet wet and hone in on your fishing skills. However, don’t think of this activity as easy! It does take some patience, but with practice, it gets easier. If the winter months are not your cup of tea, then a 10-year Canadian visa is a great time to explore the surrounding wooded areas and pristine waters during the summer, spring, and fall months. It’s easy to get lost in nature while waiting for a fish to catch on your line, making this activity truly appreciate the outdoor wonders of Canada.

But perhaps you don’t mind the cold weather, and if that is the case, you’re in luck! During the winter months, fishing enthusiasts throughout the country cut holes through 50 cm thick of ice from the frozen lakes and cast their fishing lines. So bring a thermos with some hot coffee and soak in the stunning snow-covered trees while you wait for a fish to catch your hook.

While the above activities are just a tiny fraction of things to do in Canada, there are many other year-round adventures to discover that are perfect for holders of 10-year Canadian visas.

Let us help you ignite your dreams to experience and see what Canada truly has to offer through your own eyes.