Canadian food: 5 must-try dishes.

by Northen Road, January 17th, 2022
Canadian food: 5 must-try dishes.

Author: Yan Desjardins, Founder & Executive Director

Canada may not be most known for its cuisine, but that does not mean the country is flavourless! Our cuisine takes its inspiration from many things: nature, aboriginal traditions, French and British influence. Ever wondered what some of the most popular Canadian dishes are? Let’s take a closer look at 5 iconic Canadian dishes. You’ll want to put them on your bucket list when you travel to Canada.

The Poutine.

Have you ever heard of ‘Poutine’? Not to be confused with a particular country leader! ‘Poutine’ is a popular Québécois dish that is now common to find across Canada and beyond! You can even find this dish in Vietnam in some international restaurants! But don’t compromise; travel to Canada and come taste the real one. You can find the Poutine all across Canada!

‘Poutine’ is a heavy dish but oh! so satisfying. Composed of french fries, gravy, and cheese curds. It can be paired nicely with a cold beer on a summer patio and is very hearty in the winter days. Over the years, there have been many variations of this dish as people are adding ingredients like ‘Montréal Smoked Meat,’ which is one of our favourites.

The Montréal Smoked Meat.

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More commonly called ‘smoked meat’ in Québec, it is one of the most popular dishes in Montréal. This dish is made of beef brisket that is salted and cured with spices for an entire week. It is then smoked at a high temperature and cooked to perfection. It is most commonly served on rye bread and accompanied by pickles.

Over the years, an ongoing friendly feud has been taking place between New York and Montréal. Both cities have their version of smoked meat. The New Yorker version is called ‘Pastrami.’ But don’t be fooled, the two recipes are different.

When you travel to Canada don’t be surprised to see long queues of people at Schwartz’s, Montréal’s most famous smoked meat deli. A visit to Montréal with your Canadian tourist visa is not complete without it!

The Butter Tart.

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One of Canada’s best sweets, you will find the quintessential Butter Tart. The first-ever documented recipe of the butter tart took place in Ontario in the early 1900s. The butter tart is a small pastry, including a filling made of butter, eggs, sugar, and maple syrup. Serve it warm with a bit of vanilla ice cream, and you will definitely want a second one!

There are many variations of the butter tart, depending on where you are in Canada. So if you plan a cross-country trip when you travel to Canada, you’ll notice that the recipe from English Canada is not the same as the French Canadian one. This is because the dessert adapted to the different regions of Canada and has evolved with them. For example, some will add crunchy nuts, pecans, or raisins to the tart, while others will use bacon, pumpkin, or salted caramel to bring the butter tart to the next level.

The Montréal Bagels.

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As you can see, Montréal has a lot to offer in terms of Canadian food culture. Most people are familiar with New York-style bagels, but Montréal has its own version of the bagel. In fact, that is the subject of yet another friendly feud between the 2 cities. For years, both Montréal and New York City have competed to determine which bagels are best! You can probably guess what our favourite is!

So what is the difference between the two? Montréal bagels are sweeter and more doughy than the New York bagels. The New York bagel is baked in a wood-over, while the Montréal bagel is baked in a more traditional oven. If you plan on visiting Montréal when you travel to Canada, make sure to visit St. Viateur Bagels, one of Montréal’s most legendary bagel shops.

The Lobster Roll.

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In the Atlantic provinces of Canada, lobster is one of the most predominant food. Fresh off the dock of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, or Newfoundland, lobster is a delicacy enjoyed all over Canada. However, the Canadian lobster is not exactly like the ones you might find in Asia. Why? For instance, it has 2 big claws in the front, grows in colder water, and Canadian lobsters are famous for their generous and more delicate meat.

Every family on the east coast of Canada has its own recipe for the Lobster Roll. If you’re visiting the Atlantic when you travel to Canada, make sure to try this dish in different regions. Make sure to speak to the locals; maybe they’ll share their secret recipes with you.

The Nanaimo Bars

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Another of Canada’s most famous sweets! Nanaimo Bars take their names from the city of Nanaimo in British Columbia. It is a very popular dessert amongst Canadians. It is a no-bake dish consisting of layers of chocolate ganache, a wafer with coconut and custard in the middle. Absolutely delicious! No…it seriously is! Just try eating only one! We dare you!

The Nanaimo bar is so typically Canada that current prime minister Justin Trudeau served the dessert at a Canada-US state in 2016 with Michelle and Barack Obama.

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