NO EXPERIENCE, NO DEGREE, is it easy to get a job in Canada?

by  , March 1st, 2023
NO EXPERIENCE, NO DEGREE, is it easy to get a job in Canada?

When immigrating to Canada, the question that always gets the attention of many people is ” “Can I work in Canada without a degree or experience? “. Many opinions say yes, and some say no. Then what is the right answer, let’s find out with Northern Road right away and come to a conclusion!

1/ Are qualifications and experience required when applying for a job in Canada?

In any environment, a degree is necessary and sufficient for future promotion opportunities, but it is not a determining factor in getting a job or not. Employers not only look at the qualifications to decide whether the candidate is suitable or not, but they also consider the candidate’s ability and ability to see if he is suitable for the position he is recruiting, but the candidate also meets the criteria. which will. For the whole set of Jobs, a degree is a mandatory element (you can supplement your degree by studying in Canada). This regulation will have higher requirements for foreign workers.

Most people think that 15% of employers look at the qualifications, and the rest look at the attitude, skills, and actual knowledge of the candidate to evaluate. It’s not like we often think that a degree accounts for 80% of the impression of an employer.

In short, you need to have a degree and at least 1 year of experience (full-time, have a labor contract, pay social insurance) to be eligible to apply for jobs in Canada.

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2/ All about working in Canada

To be eligible to work in Canada, you need to have at least 1 year of full-time work experience (with an employment contract). Regardless of work experience in any country, Canada values work experience equally. Professional knowledge in Vietnam is different from Canada, if you want to work in Canada, you need to cultivate more knowledge, skills, attitudes, and Canadian culture to suit the environment here.

Some employers in Canada only hire people who already have Canadian permanent residence or citizenship. Therefore, this makes it difficult for Vietnamese people to find work in Canada. Don’t worry, the jobs that help you to immigrate to Canada that Northern Road supports for your profile all meet the requirements of recruiting foreign workers for employers. If your main goal is to make a lot of money in Canada, then you must equip yourself well to match the job requirements of the employer. However, if you want to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker, this is a bargain for you. In addition to working with income, you also have the opportunity to become a permanent resident of Canada after only 2 years of working. Above all, after obtaining permanent residency, you are entitled to all social benefits in terms of health and education for the whole family (except for the right to vote). This is truly an investment that benefits you and your family.

All jobs in Canada (including manual labor) require a degree or certificate in a job-related occupation. Therefore, this can be a disadvantage when most jobs such as carpenters, bricklayers, and nail technicians… are self-employed (no degree or vocational certificate). Therefore, you can equip yourself with degrees and certificates by participating in short-term vocational training courses. This will be a plus on your resume.

3/ Some experience in applying for a job in Canada

Option 1: You can apply your own CV to employers

If you have a complete profile of the requirements of the employer and you are confident in your ability to compete with other candidates. So, feel free to apply.

Option 2: Find support from a Canadian immigration consultant (RCIC)

You can choose a consulting unit you want, this saves you time and effort. In addition, it also limits the risks of documents and records while working with Immigration Canada.

Northern Road is proud to be a licensed Canadian immigration consultant, as an RCIC we understand the importance of the procedures required in the Canadian immigration application. Northern Road has strong relationships with employers in Canada. You don’t have to worry about rummaging through so many job sites and still not finding a job you like. We can offer a wide range of employment options in Canada. Moreover, these jobs are all jobs that can apply for a PR (permanent resident) profile to lead to a long-term Canadian settlement path for you.

4/ Solutions to the problem of difficulty in getting a job in Canada

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You need to improve your English, skills, and professional experience more to help your job and Canadian immigration records. Because you have to pass a face-to-face interview with the employer. So, this is your chance to prove your capabilities.

The above is useful information to answer the question “Can I apply for a job in Canada without experience?”. If you still have questions about working in Canada, contact Northern Road for a free consultation.

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