Northern Road and Apply Board are here to make your dream of studying in Canada come true!

by  , August 18th, 2022
Northern Road and Apply Board are here to make your dream of studying in Canada come true!

When Northern Road was founded, our mission was to connect our client with the right resources to assist them to ignite their dreams and go further. Today, we are pleased to announce a collaboration between Northern Road and ApplyBoard to assist international students studying in Canada.

Let us explore further


What is Apply Board? 


ApplyBoard is an online platform that simplifies the study abroad search, application, and acceptance process by connecting international students, recruitment partners, and academic institutions on one platform. Founded in 2015 they have built partnerships with 1,500+ primary, secondary, and post-secondary educational institutions, and work with 10,000+ recruitment partners to drive diversity on campuses across Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

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What are the benefits of Apply Board? 



Your Success Comes First.

ApplyBoard students have a 95% acceptance rate.



Save Effort and Money

ApplyBoard students spend half the time and money to find their dream educational program. 



Everything You Need In One Place

With ApplyBoard discover exclusive deals on Language Tests, Flights, Advice, and more.

What about the Canada student visa application?

That’s where Northern Road comes into play. With our expertise and guidance, we will assist you with all the necessary steps and submit the Canada student visa application online on your behalf. 

For many international students, the Canada student visa application process is a source of concern, especially regarding meeting the financial requirements. The Study Direct Stream (SDS) is an easy and fast program that allows you to purchase a Guaranteed Investment Certificate of $10,000.00CAD from a Canadian Bank and meet the financial requirements for the Canadian student visa.


Alongside this requirement, you will be asked to provide a medical examination and proof of your language assessment (CLB 7) results to meet the Canada student visa SDS program requirements. 


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Together, Northern Road and Apply Board  can ignite your dreams of studying in Canada.