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Finding a part-time job in Canada is always a matter of concern for international students. Can international students work part-time in Canada? What is the minimum number of hours a week for international students? Which part-time jobs are suitable for Canadian students? If you also have the same question, then let’s find out the following article with Northern Road!

1/ Can international students work part-time in Canada?

What work in Canada to help with family expenses, most Vietnamese students want to find a job when they come to Canada to study. However, employment policy in Canada has its own rules for international students regarding part-time work.

As for the regulations on part-time work in Canada, international students from any country are allowed to work part-time but must ensure that they are granted a part-time work permit by the government.    

Some basic conditions for part-time work in Canada:

– Expired documents and permits related to studying abroad

– Registered for a social security book

– Particularly for students who are studying a work-study program and want to work part-time, they need a study permit and a work permit.

Looking for more information:

Conditions for applying for a work permit in Canada

In some special cases your study permit does not allow you to work part-time, you need to go to di (the Department of Labor and Social Development) in Canada to get one.

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2/ What is the maximum overtime for international students?

Previously, Canada stipulated that overtime work was limited to a maximum of 20 hours per week. However, this regulation has been replaced by the new rule “IRCC allows working in Canada more than 20 hours/week outside of school hours.” This is an opportunity for young people to show their abilities to employers. Along with studying in class, you can still work to gain experience. Therefore, they should not be distracted from studying in class to affect their academic results. In order to create the best conditions for international students, during the summer break, students are allowed to work full-time. Many students choose to return to Vietnam to visit their families, while many students choose to work part-time to earn income to pay for their tuition fees.

3/ Regulations on part-time work for Canadian  international student


  • Out-campus work:

– The study permit is still valid and guarantees a 20-hour work week.

– Participating in extra-curricular and professional activities…at least 6 months

– Must commit that the problem of part-time work will not affect the learning problem. Learning is still a top priority.

  • Part-time work in school (in-campus):

– It is somewhat easier than doing part-time work outside the school, note that it only applies to students studying at the school, no papers or permits are required, but it can still be done.

– Have a social security book

  • Study while working in Canada (Co-operative study program only)

– Have a valid study permit

– Following the co-op program, you can learn more office computer certifications to help you with your future work

– There is a certificate from the institution that the position is suitable for the student’s major and specialization

4/ Suggestions Top 5 popular part-time jobs in Canada

Content creator

This job is suitable for students with a good level of English and French. The nature of the work will be suitable for you who are persistent and meticulous. Content editor salary ranges from 30 CAD/hour.


Canada is a multilingual country, so interpreting is one of the jobs suitable for international students who want to work part-time. The income level of the interpreter job ranges from 15 – 55 CAD/hour, depending on the job requirements.

Website developer

Using good design software, and knowing basic coding, website design work is easy. Job earnings range from 25 CAD/hour.


This is the job chosen by many Vietnamese students in Canada. This is a job that does not require too much experience and is easy to get started. Income ranges from 20 CAD/hour.

làm việc tại canada

Kitchen assistant (vice-cook)

This job is suitable for everyone, requires no experience and is easy to get started. You can apply for a job at a restaurant or a popular restaurant. Earnings range from 20 CAD/hour.

nghề đầu bếp ở canada

5/ Notes when looking for part-time jobs in Canada

Northern Road suggests some job references: referrals from senior students, some reputable websites such as Indeed Canada, Glassdoor, Monster Canada, and CareerBuilder Canada….

Above is useful information about the job market in Canada for international students to refer to and choose the part-time job that is right for them. Hope the above information will be of value to you.

You can read more information about jobs and immigration to Canada here. If you still have questions, please contact Northern Road for a free consultation.

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