Top 5 Best Universities in Canada in 2022

by Northen Road, June 8th, 2022
Top 5 Best Universities in Canada in 2022

With affordable tuition fees, quality educational institutions, extensive job opportunities after graduation, and a friendly living environment, it’s no surprise that study in Canada quickly become the focus of international students.

According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022, Canada has 7 universities among the top 200 in the world. Join Northern Road to refer to the top 5 best universities in Canada in 2022.

Why should you choose to study in Canada?

Top education in the world

Canada is a country with top-quality education and the highest standard of living in the world. Graduating in Canada means you have a degree of international value.

This is also a country with a lot of universities entering the rankings of the best universities in the world.

Affordable tuition fees

The cost of studying and living in Canada is usually lower than in other countries such as the US and UK. Besides, if you attend public schools in Canada, the cost of studying and living can be even less because the schools have been funded by the Government.

study in Canada

Healthy environment, multicultural

Canada is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic country. As an international student studying in Canada, you will have the opportunity to experience and explore the cultural life of the students here.

Universities in Canada make the safety of all students a top priority, especially international students. Canadians are friendly and culturally and racially friendly. Therefore, the quality and reputation of the universities here are guaranteed so that you can safely apply for a Canadian student in Canada

So, with quality education, affordable study abroad costs, and career prospects, Canada is your right study abroad choice. Experiencing a high standard education in Canada will open up countless future opportunities and career benefits later.

For students who want to pursue a foundation, undergraduate, or graduate program in Canada, you can refer to the top universities to find the right school for you:

1. University of Toronto

General introduction:

The University of Toronto is located in the city of Toronto, Canada. This place is not only the largest economic and financial center of the red maple leaf country but also an extremely beautiful city. Toronto has bustling commercial and financial areas and is the dream destination of many people to study, live and work.

This is the only university in the top 20 of the world’s top university rankings in 2022. Founded in 1827 and is the oldest school in Ontario, Canada. The university is also a world leader in biomedical research and has the third largest library system in North America, behind only Harvard and Yale. More than 7,000 international students are studying on campus. Graduates currently live and work in more than 160 countries around the world.

University of Toronto


The special thing about the University of Toronto is the facilities here. As one of the largest universities in Canada, the University of Toronto owns a system of modern facilities with a large campus.

  • The campus of St. George in downtown Toronto – the headquarters of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.
  • Campus in Mississauga (UTM)) – the headquarters of pre-university & university programs, training professions such as arts, science, information technology, and business.
  • Campus in Scarborough (UTSC)– – at the forefront of research and innovation.

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Referring to the University of Toronto, it is impossible not to mention the bustling library system with about 44 different large and small libraries. There are a total of more than 22 million books stored here. The school also has 800 clubs on three main campuses. In addition to facilities for learning, the school also fully equips the dormitory system for students:

  • Campus at St. George – has a total of 11 dormitories, home to more than 6,000 students.
  • Campus in Mississauga – housing over 1,000 students.
  • Campus in Scarborough – with residence halls for over 700 students.

study in Canada

University of Toronto – what to study in Canada?

To answer the question of what to study in Canada, the University of Toronto offers multi-disciplinary training. Therefore, students can be flexible in choosing their majors, or fields of interest. Specializations include:

Applied Science and Engineering Architecture, Landscape, and Design 
Arts and Science  Continuing Studies 
Dentistry  Education 
Forestry  Graduate Studies 
Information  Kinesiology and Physical Education 
Law  Management 
Medicine  Music 
Nursing  Pharmacy
Public Health  Social work 

You can also find other majors on the University of Toronto website.

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2. McGill University

General introduction:

McGill University is a public university in Montreal, Quebec. Founded in 1821, it is one of the oldest schools in Canada and is known as the “Harvard” of Canada. McGill University is also the only Canadian institution to participate in the World Economic Forum. The school has welcomed students from all over the world and has more than 250,000 alumni globally. McGill is also ranked number one in Canada for several undergraduate medical doctorate programs.

Mc.Grill university


McGill’s main campus is located in the heart of Montreal. It is culturally diverse, but what is special about this city is that most people can speak both French and English. The campus of the school consists of many sophisticated Gothic buildings and has modern facilities such as Molson Stadium and the Montreal Neurological Institute. Dormitories on the south side of Pine Avenue – McGill Ghetto, home to a large number of students at McGill University. The school has a train station for students to conveniently move between buildings. Let the experts at Northern Road advise you to study in Canada to make your study abroad experience full of fun and excitement.

study in Canada

McGill University – what to study in Canada?

McGill University is known worldwide for its excellent education and impressive research, and its professors continue to work on new areas of epigenetics today. Besides, to answer the question of what to study in Canada at McGill University, you do not need to worry as the school offers more than 340 bachelors and 250 graduate programs. Therefore, students have complete flexibility in choosing the field of their interest. Some majors at McGill University:

Department of Agricultural – Environmental Science Law
Arts Industry Department of Management Desautels
Dentistry Medical
Education Religious Studies
Science Engineering

You can also find other majors on the McGill University website

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3. University of British Columbia

General introduction:

The University of British Columbia is the highest educational institution in the British Columbia region. The school is currently ranked 37th best university in the world, down 3 places from 2021. Founded in 1908 and has two main campuses in Kelowna and Vancouver – the most expensive city in Canada. The University of British Columbia impresses with its achievements such as:

  • Alumni are 3 Canadian Prime Ministers
  • Won 8 Nobel Prizes
  • 58 Olympic medals won by Varsity athletes


For parents and students who are looking for a university with a long history, good achievements, not only high-quality education but also high safety quality at a reasonable cost, the University of British Columbia is the ideal university.

Northern Road Canada


The quality of the University of British Columbia’s infrastructure and facilities is recognized in many aspects – training, energy management, campus operations, ‘green’ facilities, and how the program is sustainable. The University of British Columbia has invested $1.5 billion in infrastructure and facilities. Here, students will enjoy modern, comfortable, and convenient facilities for study and research. The library at the University of British Columbia is one of Canada’s two largest research libraries, with more than 6 million titles and topics and other multimedia materials.

study in Canada

Besides, the theater and auditorium are one of the facilities that are valued here. University of British Columbia students can participate in exciting activities such as concerts or acoustics at the Roy Barnett Recital Hall or Chan Shun Concert Hall. Students can also easily explore the city center or tour the campus with its majestic natural landscapes.

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia – what to study in Canada?

The University of British Columbia has more than 200 study programs for students at different university levels: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D., in many fields:

Applied Science, Engineering Education
Architecture: Environmental Design Fine Arts 
Art Nursing
Business Trade Law
Computer Technology Social Activity

You can also find other careers on the University of British Columbia website

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4.  University of Montreal 

General introduction:

The University of Montreal is located on the northern slopes of the Mount Royal Range, immersed in a beautiful natural setting among the distinctive red maple leaves of Canada.

Some outstanding achievements of the University of Montreal:
Canada’s 2nd largest research university
Ranked 1st for research and teaching methods in Quebec.
The only French-speaking university among the top schools in Canada.

study in Canada

One of the reasons that Vietnamese students especially like when choosing Quebec as their study abroad destination is its diverse and thriving economy. The cost of renting here is considered lower than in both Toronto and Vancouver. Despite being the largest capital, Montreal has one of the lowest costs of living in North America.


The University of Montreal is equipped with the most modern equipment to serve the study and research of students with 18 libraries and thousands of precious books preserved and archived. In addition, the school is equipped with many multimedia art rooms, and computer rooms to help students exploit information resources most effectively.

study in Canada

With a large campus for indoor and outdoor activities, Montreal’s sports complex has a wide range of sports for all students such as skating, hockey, basketball, tennis, swimming, and baseball.

study in Canada

University of Montreal – what to study in Canada?

The University of Montreal offers more than 250 undergraduate and 350 graduate programs in fields across its 16 faculties. Therefore, students have complete flexibility in choosing the field of their interest. Some majors at the University of Montreal:


Information technology Business and Management
Education and Training Economics
Science and Technology Environmental
Social Sciences and Communication Law
Computer Science Creative Arts and Design

You can also find other majors on the University of Montreal website

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5. University of Alberta

General introduction:

The University of Alberta is one of Canada’s premier universities, known for its world-honored research and innovative discovery. Alberta is also home to the National Institute of Nanotechnology and offers high-quality programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and some Canadian levels of study. This is also the 2nd school in Canada in terms of employment rate after graduates.

study in canada


Located in the city of Edmonton, is an affluent city in Alberta, where the local economy is very developed and has modern facilities. The Library of Alberta is also the second-largest library in Canada, with a wide range of titles and databases.

There are more than 100 students and the center fully meets the learning requirements of students. In addition, the school also has many systems of research rooms, laboratories, libraries, gyms, and fitness centers.

One of the school’s strengths is sports activities here, Alberta has won many national championship awards such in Football, Basketball, and Rugby,… That ensures students can learn. Exercise in a healthy environment.

study in Canada

The University of Alberta – what to study in Canada??

The University of Alberta has 18 faculties, 5 campuses, more than 500 graduate programs, and 200 undergraduate programs. Some of the majors featured here:

Agriculture Environmental Science, advanced resources
Art, design, politics study Business, Accounting
Education Law
Medicine & Dentistry Nursing

You can also find other majors on the University of Alberta website.

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