Top 5 jobs in demand in Canada

by  , March 1st, 2023
Top 5 jobs in demand in Canada

You are an immigrant to Canada with the purpose of studying and developing in this maple-leaf country. But worried about the problem of working in Canada, I should work with income sources to meet daily life and high income. Then come here with Northern Road to learn about 5 jobs that are in high demand in Canada!

1/ Lecturer at universities and vocational schools

Teachers in universities and colleges in Canada are one of the professions with a high rate of job demand because most of the teachers around the age of 64 are retired. Therefore, the labor force has not been able to meet the market demand.

For the teaching profession, there are a few basic conditions you need to know that there are master’s degrees or diplomas and alternative bachelor’s degrees as long as you have enough knowledge and experience in teaching. So from the very beginning, if you want to pursue your goal of being a teacher, start early to give yourself valuable experiences and experiences. The average teacher’s salary is $36.66.


2/ Consultant

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With the most developed economy like in Canada, almost any business needs a consultant. Therefore, the consulting profession is always sought after by businesses and job opportunities are very high. Due to the increase in demand for professional consulting services in the market, the rate of consultants moving to other positions is high. That proves that consultants are a hot industry and have a high employment rate in Canada. The income level from the consulting profession is $ 36.06.

3/ Software engineer

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Software design engineers are the fastest growing industry in labor market demand. According to statistics, the software engineering industry has nearly 21,000 jobs from 2017-2026. There is a shortage of human resources for this industry, so anyone who is planning to study software engineering does not need to worry about employment. The average income of this industry is about $43.27. This is a relatively high level of income compared to other industries,

4/ Nurses

Nursing is considered an obvious profession in Canada, everyone will often know in Canada that nursing is an industry that always needs constant human resources. Because most of these industries often retire early before the age of 65 and the rest want to take care of their family more. In addition, the aging population in Canada is increasing day by day. The elderly and the elderly are more and more concerned about their health, so nurses are always lacking in human resources. Not only in Canada but also in Vietnam after the Covid 19 pandemic, the human resources of medical teams are also seriously lacking in human resources and always training personnel. The nurse industry salary usually fluctuates around $37.


5/ Sales staff

This is a job suitable for students studying economics with the desire to work early and have more income and more knowledge. Sales staff is the person who will be in charge of managing business matters. In Canada, any business that opens cannot lack the position of sales staff, so this is an industry with a high employment rate. If you like the business, then pursue it now, then the odds of you compared to other candidates will be higher later. The income level from the sales staff position is from $29,250 – $67,275 per year.

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Above are the top 5 in-demand jobs in Canada that Northern Road has provided for you. Depending on your interests and abilities, you can choose which job is right for you. Hope the above information will be useful to you, helping you find a job that matches your passion and ability. You can find out more job information here. If you still have questions, please contact Northern Road for a free consultation.

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