Travel to Canada Our 4 Seasons Guide!

by Northen Road, January 14th, 2022
Travel to Canada Our 4 Seasons Guide!

Travel to Canada: Our 4 Seasons Guide!

Author: Yan Desjardins, Founder & Executive Director

Summers Like No Other

Summer is when Canada comes to life at its fullest. After the long winter months, Canadians welcome the beautiful season and the warm weather. Summer is the season when festivals bring people together and when most tourists travel to Canada.

Whether you like to enjoy the great outdoors or the big city life, you will be sure to find your next summer thrill in Canada. Let’s take a closer look at what awaits you to your travels to Canada.

Experience Canada’s Festivals

Canada’s cities are some of the most dynamic in North America. With a different culture and way of life in each province, you can experience a different aspect of Canadian life from the East to the West coast while travelling in Canada.

Summer festivals are at their best from June to September. So if you are a music, food, or culture lover, apply for your Canadian tourist visa and experience the many Canadian festivals. Here is a list of 3 of our favourites.

The Montréal Jazz Festival

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Are you a Jazz lover? Montréal got you covered! Montréal International Jazz Festival is the largest event of its kind in the world! It even made the Guinness world records! More than 2 million visitors flock to the streets of Montréal each year to come to listen to the best of the best in the industry! Montréal is known for being the ‘City of Festivals’ in Canada. Throughout the summer months, festivals line up one after another to make the city dance, sing and laugh!

The Festival has hosted legends like Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, B.B King, and Leonard Cohen, one of many Canadian greatest artists! This is the music event of the summer that you won’t want to miss! So, with your Canadian tourist visa in hand, make the Montréal Jazz Festival your top festival destination!

The Toronto Caribbean Festival

Come dance to the beats of the Caribbean! The Toronto Caribbean Festival, more commonly called Caribana, is a large Carnival-like event in the heart of Toronto. Many great artists come to celebrate with Torontonians each year. The festival takes the streets of downtown Toronto in a dazzling and colourful series of events.

It is sure to set fire to your feet as you will move to the warm beats of Caribbean music, live shows and cultural exhibitions all over the city. Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities on the globe. So apply today for your 10 years Canada visa and experience all of the worlds’ cultures Toronto has to offer.

The Vancouver Celebration of Lights Festival

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In Vancouver, the Celebration of Light festival celebrates food, music, and fireworks. The festival has evolved into a summer cultural celebration that brings more than 1.6 million visitors each year. This festival is one of Vancouver’s signature and most popular summer festivals.

On Vancouver’s waterfront, crowds come from all over the city to sit and enjoy the spectacular fireworks show. Take some time and visit Canada Place while you’re there! The festival also features music performances each evening at Vancouver’s sunset beach! Vancouver is a

Enjoy Canada’s Great Outdoors

Ask any Canadian you know about Canada’s nature and outdoor playgrounds, and they will be sure to tell you how beautiful the Canadian landscapes are. At Northen Road Canada, we come from both the East and West coasts, and we have a lot to say about our country! Take a look at our blog on Canada’s National Park to learn more about what awaits when you visit with your Canadian tourist visa.

During the summer months, Canadians love to take advantage of the endless natural resources. So, apply for your Canadian tourist visa and join them! With thousands of lakes and three oceans to choose from, it’s natural that watersports are so popular amongst Canadians. Many hotels and resorts in Canada are near a water source and can offer great activities for you to choose from. For example water tubing, aquatic skiing, canoeing, and kayaking.

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If you are an avid fisher, you’ll want to take a look at some of the finest fishing lodges all across the country. There you will find the fishing thrills you are looking for and peace and tranquillity away from the noise of the big cities.

You can also choose to go camping while you’re visiting with your Canadian tourist visa. Whether you like a more organized campground with complete services or prefer a more rustic experience, you will find it during your travels to Canada. When you set camp, make sure to go out and venture on a hike in the surroundings. Ask the local residents about what’s there to see. They’ll be happy to help you discover the beauty of their region.

For more Canadian attractions, check out our Visit Canada section!

Fall in all its glory!

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Fall in Canada is by far the most beautiful season of the year. With the leaves of trees changing to multiple colours, from deep reds to bright oranges, the scenery and landscapes are in their glory all over the country.


Fall also means the arrival of cooler weather, or as we Canadians call it: the sweater season.

Mornings nights are relatively chilly, and the afternoons are warm and comfortable. Fall also means harvest season in Canada. All of the farmer’s markets around the country boast fresh produce and local specialty dishes.

Canadian Thanksgiving

Not to be confused with American Thanksgiving in November, the Canadian holiday is celebrated in October. It traditionally represents a sense of gratitude for the year’s harvest and allows families to gather and celebrate around a table filled with homegrown Canadian foods.

A visit to the farm.


If you plan to travel to Canada during September and October, we recommend visiting a farm and picking apples or pumpkins. This is an activity that Canadian families enjoy doing in the warmer fall afternoons. While you probably won’t bring your pickings back with you to Vietnam, it is a fun activity to do nevertheless. Also, take advantage of the local products, pastries and other baked goods sold onsite.

Canada’s Winter Wonderland.

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Winter can often be disregarded due to its cold and freezing weather. But did you know that many festivals take place during the Canadian winter months? That’s not counting the numerous winter activities and sports you could experience during your winter travels to Canada.

Canadians live with winters that can sometimes span over several months, and that is why we make the most of it! When the temperatures are warmer and closer to 0 degrees, winter can offer some truly enriching experiences.

Make the most of the chilly outdoors

One fact remains, Canada is cold, and we know it! However, you can still make the most out of a winter visit to Canada. Start by trying out any outdoor activities. Ice skating is one of the favourite activities for Canadians during the winter months. Visit Ottawa and skate on the longest outdoor ice skating rink in the world, the Rideau Canal.

There are many winter festivals to choose from. From Ottawa’s Winterlude to the Montréal’s City of Lights Festival, or the Québec City Winter Carnival, there is plenty to see and do during the winter months.

If you are a fan of downhill skiing, you will love the high mountains of Whistler in British Columbia or the massive Mont-Tremblant in Québec. There are many mountains to conquer all over the country. Not a fan of heights? No problem! Choose one of the thousands of beaten paths for cross-country skiing or snowshoeing and witness the enchanting white landscapes all around you.

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Don’t be surprised when travelling to Canada to see Canadians out on many outdoor skating rinks and frozen lakes playing friendly hockey games.

Spring: Canada’s sweetest season

Spring means to Canadians the end of the long winter months and the prospects of warmer weather on its way! But spring is also the sweetest season in Canada. Why? Because it is when Maple Syrup is produced. The most Canadian tradition of them all.

That’s right. Everyone knows that Canada is famous for its Maple Syrup. We even put the Maple Leaf on our flag and have a professional hockey team named after it. So, in Canada, we love our Maple Syrup and turn the Maple sap harvest into a celebration.

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Have you heard about a sugar shack? It is a small cabin usually located in the middle of a Maple tree forest. Traditionally, this is where the harvest of the Maple sap takes place and where it is boiled into syrup. Over generations of Canadians, sugar shacks became commercial venues where families can enjoy traditional maple-inspired food and satisfy that sweet craving.

If you plan to visit a sugar shack, make sure you stock up on maple candies and maple butter and try our maple whiskey! Truly Canadian.

Ignite your dreams. Go further!

When you apply for a Canadian tourist visa, you unlock a whole new world of experiences and discoveries. Canada’s tourism is filled with boasting world-class attractions and breathtaking nature. You won’t have enough from one visit to see it all, so make sure to make the best of your 10 years Canadian visa and discover more of Canada.

We built Northen Road Canada to help create stronger people-to-people ties between Canada and Vietnam. So let us accompany you on your journey to discovery! Contact us today to apply for your Canadian tourist visa.