Work in Canada – Minimum income

by  , February 28th, 2023
Work in Canada – Minimum income

Many think Canada is a great place to live or a paradise to settle down in. This is not wrong at all, but when we are preparing to study, work and immigrate to Canada, there are many factors we should consider. So, let’s find out the minimum income with Northern Road when we work in Canada.

Minimum income when working in Canada.

The minimum income rate is the lowest hourly wage an employer must pay an employee. In Canada, the province sets the minimum income level updated periodically.

Currently, people who work in Canada can receive a minimum income of 12 CAD/hour. Equivalent to 2.304 CAD/month. This is a salary that very few in the labour market have.  

Minimum income when working in Canada by Province and Territory

The Trade Association publishes the base salary in Canada and is updated annually according to the commitments of the Provinces and Territories. Based on this income level, people who live and work in Canada can base to negotiate salaries.


Minimum salary in Canada 
Province Minimum hourly salary (CAD) Effective time
Alberta 15.00 01/10/2018
British Columbia 15.20 01/06/2021
Manitoba 11.95 01/10/2021.
New Brunswick 11.75 01/04/2021
Newfoundland & Labrador 12.75 01/10/2021
Northwest Territories 15.20 01/09/2021
Nova Scotia 12.95 01/04/2021
Nunavut 16.00 01/04/2022
Ontario 15.00 01/01/2022
Prince Edward Island 13.00 01/04/2021
Quebec 13.50 01/05/2021
Saskatchewan 11.81 01/10/2021
Yukon 15.20 01/04/2021


The income level of people who work in Canada tends to increase

According to Statistics Canada’s recent study on immigrant wages, if you choose to study in Canada, you can get extra income from working part-time while studying. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to apply for a work permit valid for up to 3 years.

You can refer to the minimum salary you can get when you work in Canada. Currently, the minimum wage has increased to 13.35 CAD as of January 4, 2022, with an additional increase of 15.00 CAD per hour worked.

Canadian work experience impacts your income level. If you have had an experience when you work in Canada, this is an advantage for you when you return to Canada to continue working or immigrating. You will be added experience points to your profile when you fill out information through Express Entry.

When you work in Canada, you must meet the mandatory conditions for the Skilled Worker category, such as professional qualifications (including relevant degrees and certificates) and work experience (only accepting full-time jobs). Full-time with salary and labour contract), foreign language proficiency (minimum IELTS 5.0 or higher depending on the job position), ability to answer interviews with employers in English. If you want to work in Canada, you need a Canadian work permit and an employment contract with a Canadian employer. A work permit is a document that must be submitted when applying for a visa to Canada.

Students can soon enter the job market in Canada

Canada has abolished the regulation of overtime up to 20 hours/week. According to the new regulation, “IRCC allows working in Canada more than 20 hours/week outside of school hours”.

Studying and working part-time while you study in Canada can help you improve yourself, meet new friends, and build relationships about your experience. Usually, for part-time (part-time) jobs, students are paid hourly. The average minimum input level is around 10 CAD/h.

Depending on the job and qualifications of the employee, the income level will have different differences. Therefore, when looking for a part-time job while you study in Canada, you should choose jobs related to training majors or passions and interests; so not only have income but also receive a lot of new knowledge and gain work experience to prepare for the future after graduation.

What are the conditions to work in Canada?

First, to work in Canada, you must obtain a work permit, the only document that authorizes you to work in Canada legally. First, here are some of the conditions to work in Canada

  • Have a valid job offer from a legitimate Canadian employer.
  • The employer must not be on the prohibited IRCC list
  • If required, have obtained the proper LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment)
  • No criminal background and provide a medical examination and biometrics. 
  • Demonstrate you will leave at the end of the work in Canada

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