Corporate Social Responsibility

Northern Road Impact

Empowering a slavery-free world through safe ethical migration.

Our sustainability mission is to power safe migration practices and ensure that everyone has access to safe working conditions. As an interconnected world, we understand the importance of providing a commitment to Vietnamese communities worldwide through adhering and developing sustainable goals that provide access to equal opportunities for safe migration and safeguarding those subjected to illicit forced labour practices.

We believe that what we do is just as important as who we are. We are currently working on developing partnerships with key partners to enable our mission

the sweatshop challenge

Empowering Businesses to Create a Slave-Free World

The ‘Sweatshop Challenge’ is an annual fundraising event that offers people a taste of what it is like to experience being placed in a sweatshop situation. Participation in the event is open to schools, executives, and the public to experience what it’s like to be placed in a sweatshop situation.

Participants will be asked to screw nuts and bolts on and off and then asked to imagine, “ This is your life, seven days a week, 365 days a year. It isn’t your life, and it shouldn’t be anyone else.”

Often, there is much talk about modern slavery but not enough action. The goal of the fundraising event is to move beyond this and act to support Vietnamese communities at risk. In addition, to help raise awareness and funding to combat the problem

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