Canada's Express Entry Program

The Express Entry Program is one of the fastest ways for skilled workers to settle in Canada. Each year, thousands of skilled workers successfully become permanent residents of Canada with this program. Are you one of those skilled workers?

What is Express Entry Program ?

The Express Entry program is a point-based system that assesses skilled immigrants based on a set of specific requirements. There are four main categories to immigrate to Canada under the Express Entry program

In order to be selected from the pool of candidates, the applicants must complete an online profile that will provide each person with a personalized Express Entry score.

Once applicants have received their Express entry score, they must wait to be selected by the Government of Canada within a round of invitations. Once selected, the candidates will receive an Invitation To Apply for Permanent Residence. Let’s take a closer look at why you should immigrate to Canada using Express Entry Program

Top 5 reasons to immigrate to Canada with the Express Entry Program

Access to world-class education, health care and economy. Canada is a place where it is good to live, study, visit or start a business.

Access to social benefits for the family, paid maternity/paternity leave and affordable daycare.

Access to a G7 economy with thriving industries and ecosystems that can help you grow your business.

Canada is a safe and peaceful country with strong firearms control laws in place. General crime rates in Canada are lower than in other comparable G7 countries.

Apply for Canadian Citizenship after meeting the residence and other requirements.

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Who can apply for the Express Entry Program?

To qualify, you must meet one of the Express Entry Programs for permanent residence to immigrate to Canada. There are 4 different categories.

How to apply for
the Express Entry Program

Obtain your Express Entry score to be placed in the pool of candidates.

Receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence in Canada.

Submit the application and documents for all members of the family.

Undergo medical examination and police checks.

Obtain your permanent residence visa.

Take a look at our complete guide on life in Canada and the Express Entry Program.

Why Hire a Canadian Immigration Consultant for the Express Entry Program?

One common obstacle to achieving your dreams of living abroad might be obtaining a proper visa.
It is at times challenging to find the correct information for how to immigrate to Canada. However, with the help of a trained and regulated Canadian immigration professional, you’re one step closer to achieving your dreams.

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