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Benefits When Applying for a Canada Tourist Visa

Canada is currently the second largest country in the world and one of the countries with the leading developed economies. Canada has been a favourite destination for global tourists for many years. This country attracts many tourists through countless famous sights to great works such as the tower or the Federation Bridge. For these reasons, Canada welcomes millions of tourists every year. Join Northern Road to find out general information, the benefits of getting a Canadian tourist visa and the procedures for applying for a Canadian tourist visa!

1. General information about Canada tourist visa

Canada tourist visa is one of the most powerful visas in the world. Currently, there are 2 types of entry:

  • Single Entry – 1 entry with a maximum stay of 6 months.
  • Multiple Entry – multiple entries with a maximum of one stay of 6 months and decided by the customs at the entry border.

When you own a Canadian visa, this means that your travel record will be easily considered when traveling to any country in the world. Before applying for a Canadian tourist visa, let’s find out with Northern Road about the different types of visas, the procedure for applying for a Canadian tourist visa and the individual conditions that will be suitable for which type of visa.

Thông tin visa Canada

Canada Short-term Visa

This is a type of visa under Single Entry – single entry and usually has a duration of less than 1 year. With this short-term Canadian tourist visa, you are allowed to immigrate to Canada only once. After you leave Canada and want to return, you must apply for another visa.

Long-term Canadian tourist visa

  • Unlike a short-term Canadian tourist visa, this is a multiple-entry visa that allows you to enter and exit Canada multiple times.
  • Duration: up to 10 years depending on the validity of your passport and profile.
  • Long-term Canadian tourist visa can stay up to 6 months.

Canada tourist visa 10 years

This is a type of visa under the long-term Canadian tourist visa, but can only be issued when your passport is valid and valid for at least 10 years. With this type of visa, you are allowed to stay in Canada for up to 6 months.

At the same time, the 10-year Canada tourist visa also supports visiting relatives or having a job that needs to move a lot between Vietnam and Canada.

Canada tourist visa 10 years “CAN +”

The Canada tourist visa program CAN + creates favorable conditions for visitors with frequent needs to enter Canada. The application process is quick and reduced to documents such as financial proof. If you have been to Canada within 10 years or hold a valid visitor visa to the United States, you can apply under this visa program.

Super visa for grandparents/parents

This type of visa for grandparents/parents helps families reunite faster and longer. The stay period of this Super visa is up to 2 years per entry.

2. Benefits of applying for a Canadian tourist visa

When you own a tourist visa to Canada – one of the most powerful visas in the world, you will easily travel to many countries that are difficult to get a visa like the US or Europe. Here are other benefits when you own this visa:

Maximum stay 6 months:

Once you are granted a 10-year Canada tourist visa, you will be able to enter Canada multiple times during the validity of the visa. As for other types of visas, most of the maximum stay is 6 months in the host country and the length of your stay will be decided by the Customs.

Canada - lưu trú lên đến 6 tháng

With a long-term stay, you will have the opportunity to visit relatives and travel in the same trip. You will have plenty of time to visit all the places of interest in Canada. Please note that you need to leave Canada on time so that you can easily re-enter Canada next time.

Visa exemption when entering some other countries:

Passports with Canadian tourist visas are exempt from visas to 183 countries according to statistics. This shows how prestigious the country of Canada is to many other countries in the world. When you are granted a Canadian tourist visa, you will not need to apply for a visa to countries such as Taiwan, Mexico, Jamaica,… Thereby, your business or travel journey will be optimized and can save money. save money and time.

More plus points when applying for a US visa:

Canada is located in North America and is a neighboring country to the United States. The two countries have many similarities in politics, so the visa processing standards are also quite similar. When your passport has a 10-year Canadian tourist visa, you will have the opportunity to receive additional points and easier to get a US visa when the authorities review your visa application.

Increase opportunities to learn business investment:

When you apply for a Canadian tourist visa, especially a long-term visitor visa or a 10-year visa, you will be able to enter Canada multiple times. Thereby, you will have more time to learn more about the economy and politics to find business and investment opportunities in this country.

3. Top criteria to get a fast Canadian tourist visa from the Consulate

Applying for a Canadian tourist visa often includes cumbersome and time-consuming procedures to apply for a Canadian tourist visa. Here are the top criteria to increase your chances of getting a Canadian tourist visa:

  • Legitimate reason for travel: demonstrate a clear purpose of the trip such as business / tourism.
  • High level of income: the income level of an individual applying for a visa is very important. Each candidate needs to prove their income to increase the visa success rate to prove that you have enough money to stay in Canada. If you are the owner of a business, or are working at a foreign company with a stable income, the visa success rate will be very high.
  • Financial capacity: this is the case when you have a low income but still have stable financial resources, have savings and own assets such as houses, land, shares in companies.
  • Travel history: have traveled to developed countries such as Japan, Korea, Australia, … the time between trips should not be too close together.
  • Proof of binding relationships in Vietnam: it is easier to apply for a visa when you are in a marital status such as married or have children.

However, applying for a Canadian tourist visa is easy or difficult depending on the time. But don’t worry too much! Because according to some statistics based on customer profiles, you still have the ability to get a Canadian tourist visa, even though you may not have met the above conditions.

4. Canada tourist visa application procedure

When applying for a Canadian tourist visa, you need to provide the following documents:

Copy of valid passport Documents relating to previous international arrivals. Can be proved by electronic visa, stamp in passport and other visa types.
All forms are required, completed and signed, along with proof of payment of the Canadian tourist visa application fee. Proof of occupation: in each profession, different types of documents will be required.
Financial proof: a savings book made 3 months in advance from the date of submission of the application along with other lawful property ownership papers. Biometrics, for the first time Canada tourist visa application.

Hồ sơ du lịch Canada

5. Support and advice on applying for a Canadian tourist visa from Northern Road

Northern Road

As a member of the Canadian Council of Licensed Immigration Consultants (CICC), Northern Road has close links with prestigious educational institutions in Canada, providing a wide range of route planning advice and assistance. your travel itinerary.

Northern Road specializes in consulting immigration services according to the needs and conditions of customers. Services will be personalized and tailored to your goals with dedicated guidance from our consultants. Applying for this visa will open a new door for you to experience and explore many natural wonders, visit interesting tourist attractions and have more opportunities to learn about the special culinary culture of Vietnam. Canada. Northern Road always has a team of consultants with many years of experience in reviewing strong and weak applications. So choosing a reputable company to do Canada tourist visa is extremely necessary.

Contact Northern Road to start your Canada tourist visa consultation today! Let Northern Road make your Canada travel dreams come true.

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5 Canadian tourist destinations that few people know about

Canada is currently the second largest country in the world and one of the countries with the leading developed economies. Not only that, this country attracts a lot of tourists because of countless world-famous landscapes and landscapes. If you have the opportunity to travel to Canada, here are 5 little-known tourist destinations that are extremely special and will definitely bring you unforgettable experiences.

1. Newfoundland and Labrador 

If you want to visit some unique Canadian tourist attractions, Newfoundland and Labrador is the place for you. Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the Atlantic provinces of Canada. Newfoundland is a periphery, made up of islands, and Labrador is a separate continent. Here, you will be amazed by the beauty of the colorful buildings lining the slopes along the hills. The city also has many historical sites and attractions, but the real draw is the vibrant atmosphere, people and maritime culture that make this city so unique.Du lịch Canada - Newfoundland Và Labrador

Coming to Newfoundland and Labrador, you will have the opportunity to experience the quaintness of the towns around here

2. L’Anse aux Meadows: 

L’Anse aux Meadows is a longstanding national historic site in Canada, located on the tip of Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula. This place consists of six historic houses that exist, built by the Vikings in the year 1000.

At this site, you will be able to tour the reconstructed buildings with the structure of longhouses, workshops and stables. What is special and interesting at L’Anse aux Meadows is the folk music and cultural heritage formed on the traditions from Ireland, England and Scotland that were introduced here many centuries ago. With a wonderful natural scenery along with a long history, music and culture of the previous period, this place has gradually become an ideal tourist destination for tourists when traveling to Canada.

Địa điểm du lịch Canada - L'Anse aux Meadows


If you travel to Canada and set foot in Newfoundland, don’t forget to visit the Twillingate Islands in the Iceberg Alley! It is the oldest port on the Twillingate Islands and is known as the Iceberg Capital of the World, located on the Kittiwake Coast, the north coast of Newfoundland. Here, you’ll enjoy iceberg excursions, whale-watching tours, experience kayaking, or explore its signature trails and hikes. There are also museums, seafood restaurants, and craft shops for you to enjoy. If you want to have special experiences when traveling to Canada, Twillingate is the ideal destination for you.

Địa điểm du lịch Canada - Twillingate

4. Terra Nova National Park

One of the first national parks to be built in Newfoundland and Labrador, Terra Nova is part of the 2,400km-long Appalachian mountain system, extending from Newfoundland to Central Alabama. With its ideal wildlife, scenery and geography, this is definitely an attractive destination for tourists with popular sports such as canoeing, kayaking and windsurfing.

Địa điểm du lịch Canada - Công viên quốc gia Terra Nova

5. Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick

Perched on the Bay of Fundy are the famous Hopewell Rocks, unique rock formations carved by tidal erosion over thousands of years. Dubbed the “Flowering Stones” due to their rounded appearance and vegetation-covered treetops, these sandstone formations provide a unique reference point for the world’s highest tides. gender.


What makes this place special is the beauty of the tides here. For the most complete experience, you should explore both times of the tide. At low tide you’ll be able to see the entire Hopewell rock on the ocean floor and even be able to walk below! Conversely, during high tide, you can explore the beauty of Hopewell Rock through a kayaking excursion among the tops of the rocks.

Địa điểm du lịch Canada - Đá Lọ Hoa - Hopewell Rocks

When you arrive at Hopewell Rocks, spend two days exploring all of the activities it has to offer, like:

See the beauty of the tide Visiting the Acadian Coast
See migratory seabirds (between July and August) Kayaking at high tide
Explore caves and walking trails.

Although Hopewell Stone – “Flowering Stone” is not a famous scenic spot, when you travel to Canada, do not miss this great work! Do not forget to save this unique moment because at low tide, the whole bay looks like an extremely fancy funnel. Apply for a Canadian tourist visa today to see the natural beauty of this stone with your own eyes.

6.Whitehorse (Yukon)

The city of Whitehorse in the land of Yukon, really brings visitors comfort and peace. You can have a beer in the little bars, visit the Yukon MacBride History Museum, where you can learn about the wildlife, and the culture of the indigenous people.

Địa điểm du lịch Canada - Whitehorse (Yukon)

The special thing at Whitehouse that any visitor must be enchanted is experiencing the miraculous natural phenomena for themselves. During the summer months, you can sleep super late while the sun is still… at midnight! Not anywhere in the world can one observe the phenomenon of the sun still shining at night as in Canada. If you are planning to come to Canada just to see the Northern Lights, and visit Whitehorse in the winter, this is a great opportunity to observe and admire the light of this wonder at its best.

Địa điểm du lịch Canada - Ngắm Bắc Cực Quang Tại Whitehorse, Yukon

Apply for a Canadian tourist visa today so you can enjoy the beauty of Whitehorse and its amazing natural wonders!

7. Gulf Islands

If you want to escape from modern life, find balance in your soul, then there is no better place than the Gulf Islands! The Gulf Islands are located in the Georgia Strait (Salish Sea), between Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia, Canada. With clear blue sea and white sand, this is a great opportunity for you to immerse yourself in nature, immerse yourself in the whispers of the wind, and shake off all the stress and worries of life. 

Địa điểm du lịch Canada - Quần đảo Gulf Islands

In addition, you can watch whales or climb mountains at Gulf Island. There is nothing more wonderful than trying to feel like the indigenous people here. One of the loveliest features of this small Canadian town is that all of its shops, cafes and restaurants are run locally. Since most of the islands in the Gulf Islands are quite small, you can easily find and stop at any cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee and spend time watching the beauty of the sunset on the island.

Địa điểm du lịch Canada - Quán cà phê tại Quần đảo Gulf Islands

Come to Gulf and enjoy a true summer with Northern Road. Contact Northern Road today to apply for a Canadian tourist visa. Don’t forget to enjoy the many delicious dishes of summer in Canada on this trip.

8.Parkland Region, Manitoba

Địa điểm du lịch Canada - Vùng Parkland

The Parkland region located in the western part of Manitoba, Canada, is a wonderful combination of many different landscapes ranging from prairie grasslands, parks, woodlands, chains of lakes, plateaus, aspen parks, grasslands wildflowers, to sandy beaches, farmlands, rivers, creeks and streams. If you have a passion for produce, art galleries, ranches, parks, museums or historic sites, this Parkland is the place for you.


In addition, there are many forests and theme parks right in the Parkland Region, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a variety of adventures and explore wildlife such as bears, foxes, wolves, bison, deer, deer and many other species. Especially here, you can experience the wildest park with the largest green space in the western part of the province:

Riding Mountain National Park Crocus Trail
Vermillion Park Manipogo  Provincial Park
Rainbow Beach Provincial Park Forest of Porcupine Province
Asessippi Provincial Park Kettle Stones Provincial Park


One of the most remote regions of Canada, where the beautiful nature coupled with the majestic landscape will captivate any visitor. The best time to explore Manitoba’s Parkland Region is during the winter months, when after snowfall and lakes freeze, you can enjoy skiing, ice fishing and more. The Parkland region promises to bring you unique experiences that are hard to match with other landscapes. What are you still afraid to not plan to visit? Don’t forget to take nice check-in photos while skiing!

Ignite your dream, go further with Northern Road Canada

Northern Road specializes in consulting services to apply for a Canadian tourist visa according to your needs and conditions. Services will be personalized and tailored to your goals with dedicated guidance from our consultants. Applying for a Canadian tourist visa, you will have the opportunity to experience and explore many natural wonders, visit interesting tourist destinations and learn about the special culinary culture here.

Let Northern Road ignite the flame of your Canadian dream. For more information and attractions, visit our website!

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The 10-year Canadian Visa Program. All you need to know!

Author: Yan Desjardins, Founder & Executive Director

A complete guide to help you apply for a Canada visa.

Travelling is a way to ignite your dreams, go further and discover other cultures. Travelling builds character, tolerance and provides a fresh new vision of the world we live in. But one of the main obstacles to realizing those dreams of travelling might be obtaining the proper visa.

With the correct information and the help of a trained and regulated immigration professional, you too can be this much closer to realizing your dreams of discovering the world! Keep reading below to find out why Canada is a great travel option and more about the Canadian tourist visa application procedure to obtain a 10-year Canadian visa.

Reasons Why You Should Apply For a Canadian tourist visa.

Witness the beauty of Canada

By applying and being granted a Canadian tourist visa, you will be able to come year after year to visit and discover all of the great attractions and natural beauty Canada has to offer. Choose from the beautiful Canadian Rockies in Alberta, the cosmopolitan city of Toronto, or the French colonial beauty of Québec City. Canada has something to offer to everyone. Keep reading for more reasons why you apply for a Canada visa.

Get a 10-year Canadian visa.

Canada understands the importance of the tourism industry to boost the economy of its cities, businesses, and tourist attractions. The 10-year Canadian visa program is one of the most generous of its kind across the world. When you apply for a Canada visa, not only are you saving money from not having to renew your Canadian tourist visa every year, you are also optimizing your chances of obtaining a visa for other countries.

Canada: a highly respected country

Having a 10-year Canadian visa in your passport can help you obtain visas for other countries. Canada’s tourist visa application procedure is among the most thorough and respected in the immigration industry worldwide. Successfully applying for a Canada visa can provide you with the international recognition needed to demonstrate that you are a trustworthy traveller.

The Canadian tourist visa Categories

Did you know that there are different types of Canadian tourist visas available to apply for? That’s right. While you may not qualify for the more specific categories, you can still apply in the 10-year Canadian visa stream. Here are the different types and how you can apply for them.

The 10-year Canadian visa program.

The 10-year Canadian visa is the most commonly known tourist visa program for Canada. This is the general Canadian tourist visa category where everyone can apply. When approved, you are most likely to receive a 10 years Canadian visa if your passport is valid for the whole duration. Your Canadian tourist visa can only be issued to the validity of your passport, so make sure to renew it and take advantage of the 10 years of unlimited travel to Canada!

When you apply for a 10-year Canadian visa, you will need to show the following:

  1. Your previous travel history: having travelled to other countries will increase your chances of getting a 10-year Canadian visa.
  2. Ties to your home country: do you have strong family ties in Vietnam? Are you employed or own a business? These are some of the questions that can help to establish your ties to your home country.
  3. Economic establishment: do you have a good financial establishment and available funds to support yourself during your trip to Canada?. You may use proof of employment and income, bank statements, and proof of other assets, for example.

Keep reading below for more information on the Canadian tourist visa application procedure.

The ‘CAN+’ 10-year Canadian visa program

The CAN+ Canadian tourist visa program facilitates the Canadian tourist visa application procedure for those frequent travellers! It allows for fast processing and also alleviates the need to provide financial proof documentation. If you have travelled to Canada in the 10 years or hold a valid United States tourist visa, you can apply under this program!

When you apply for the ‘CAN+’ Canadian tourist visa, you will need:

  • Your valid passport;
  • Your past Canadian visa or proof of travel to Canada;
  • Your current valid US visa, if you are applying for a Canadian tourist visa for the first time;
  • Proof of payment of the fees for the Canadian tourist visa.

It’s that simple! And, the processing time for the CAN+ Canadian tourist visa is 5 business days so that you will be on your way to Canada in no time!

Parents & Grandparents Super Visa Program

The ‘Parents & Grandparents Super Visa Program’ aims at reuniting families quicker and for longer. This Canadian tourist visa category allows parents and grandparents to visit their family in Canada and stay for up to 2 years at a time!

Due to the added benefits of this program, you will need to meet some additional conditions to get the 10-year Canadian visa. Take a look!

  • Your relative in Canada must be a permanent resident or Canadian citizen;
  • They must provide you with a letter of invitation;
  • They must offer a promise of financial support for you;
  • They must purchase medical insurance that is valid for at least 1 year and with a minimum coverage of CAD $100,000.00;
  • Your relative in Canada must meet the minimum income to support your visa application;
  • You will need to complete an immigration medical examination.

Don’t miss out on all those memories with your loved ones. Apply today!

Business Visitor Program

A business visitor comes to visit Canada to conduct business activities, and you will not enter the Canadian labour market. Instead, you will come to Canada to expand your business relationships with your Canadian counterparts.

To qualify as a business visitor, you must show that you meet the same requirements of the 10-year Canadian visa. In addition, it is essential to show that you intend to stay in Canada for no more than 6 months and that your primary source of income or profit comes from outside Canada.

The 10-year Canadian visa business visitor program can help your business grow and reach new levels of success!

How and Where Can I Apply For a 10 year Canadian Visa?

Currently, applications are received online only. The Canada Visa Application Center (VAC) no longer accepts paper applications.

Applicants and licensed Canadian immigration consultants can apply directly to IRCC. The process is simple and efficient. However, you will need access to a computer and a scanner to digitize some of your documents.

A few clicks, and you’ll be on your way!

Other than the documents we already covered above, you will need to complete some additional steps to complete your application.

Biometrics Enrollment

After applying for your Canadian tourist visa, you will receive a ‘biometrics Instruction Letter’ by email. With the letter in hand, you will need to go to either VACs, located in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, to collect your electronic fingerprints and take a digital photo.

Why does Canada collect biometrics information?

This procedure ensures that you do not have a criminal record in the Canadian police database and provides the Canadian visa officers valuable information on previous travels to other countries. Once your biometrics collection is complete, the system will send the results electronically to the Canadian tourist visa processing office.

What is the validity of the biometrics information?

The results of your biometrics enrollment are valid for 10 years. Biometrics results can reuse the results for other types of visa applications, such as study or work permits, or in case of a subsequent 10-year Canadian visa following a refusal.

How Much Does the 10 Year Canadian Visa Cost?

You must pay your fees to apply for a Canada visa online using a credit or debit card. The cost of the 10-year Canadian visa fee and the biometrics collection fee are in Canadian dollars.

The visa fee for a single applicant is CAD$100.00, while the family rate is CAD $500.00 maximum. The family rate applies to families of 5 members or more. Only your spouse/common-law partner, your children and their dependent children can be included in the family rate.

You will also need to pay the biometrics enrollment fees. Biometrics fees per person are CAD $85.00, and the biometrics family rate (2 or more people) is CAD $170.00.

How Long Will My Application for a Canadian Tourist Visa Take?

On average, an application for a 10-year Canadian visa takes approximately 4 weeks to process. However, it can sometimes be faster or take longer depending on the application volumes at the visa office. Your application may also take longer to process if you delay completing your biometrics collection or if you have a criminal record.

How long can I stay when I visit Canada?

When you travel to Canada with your 10-year Canadian visa, the border officer at your arrival will allow you to enter for a maximum of 6 months. When applicants wish to stay in Canada longer, they must apply to extend their stay to a processing office in Canada.

Travellers who come to Canada with a super visa for parents and grandparents can stay for up to 2 years upon entry to Canada. However, similar to those with a 10-year Canadian visa, applicants who wish to stay longer will have to submit the same application to extend their stay.

What to do in case of a refusal

Being refused a visa is a regrettable and stressful moment. But, unfortunately, it can happen. There are many reasons why a visa can be denied. The main reasons are when applicants do meet the requirements, as we explained above.

When a refusal occurs, applicants must look at whether or not they can provide further proof to the processing office that they meet the criteria and reapply for a subsequent Canadian tourist visa and pay the applicable visa fees. Remember, you do not need to repay or redo the biometrics collection.

Errors in processing can occur. You or your immigration consultant can request a reconsideration of the decision rendered at the visa office when they do.

Get to know us

Northern Road Canada is an immigration consulting firm specializing in immigration to Canada for individuals who need reliable and personalized immigration consulting services. We aim to connect communities by creating people-to-people ties and uplift people’s lives and businesses throughout Asia to attain their ambitions and goals.

Both of us are Canadian citizens living in Vietnam, making Northern Road Canada a 100% foreign Canadian-owned company. So not only do we bring you the authentic Canadian experience, but we understand immigration by having immigrated abroad ourselves.

Let us accompany you on your journey to discover Canada. With us, you can ignite your dreams and go further.

Find out if you are eligible for a 10-year Canadian visa by taking our self-assessment test today.


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Travel to Canada Our 4 Seasons Guide!

Travel to Canada: Our 4 Seasons Guide!

Author: Yan Desjardins, Founder & Executive Director

Summers Like No Other

Summer is when Canada comes to life at its fullest. After the long winter months, Canadians welcome the beautiful season and the warm weather. Summer is the season when festivals bring people together and when most tourists travel to Canada.

Whether you like to enjoy the great outdoors or the big city life, you will be sure to find your next summer thrill in Canada. Let’s take a closer look at what awaits you to your travels to Canada.

Experience Canada’s Festivals

Canada’s cities are some of the most dynamic in North America. With a different culture and way of life in each province, you can experience a different aspect of Canadian life from the East to the West coast while travelling in Canada.

Summer festivals are at their best from June to September. So if you are a music, food, or culture lover, apply for your Canadian tourist visa and experience the many Canadian festivals. Here is a list of 3 of our favourites.

The Montréal Jazz Festival

A person playing a trumpet Description automatically generated with medium confidence


Are you a Jazz lover? Montréal got you covered! Montréal International Jazz Festival is the largest event of its kind in the world! It even made the Guinness world records! More than 2 million visitors flock to the streets of Montréal each year to come to listen to the best of the best in the industry! Montréal is known for being the ‘City of Festivals’ in Canada. Throughout the summer months, festivals line up one after another to make the city dance, sing and laugh!

The Festival has hosted legends like Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, B.B King, and Leonard Cohen, one of many Canadian greatest artists! This is the music event of the summer that you won’t want to miss! So, with your Canadian tourist visa in hand, make the Montréal Jazz Festival your top festival destination!

The Toronto Caribbean Festival

Come dance to the beats of the Caribbean! The Toronto Caribbean Festival, more commonly called Caribana, is a large Carnival-like event in the heart of Toronto. Many great artists come to celebrate with Torontonians each year. The festival takes the streets of downtown Toronto in a dazzling and colourful series of events.

It is sure to set fire to your feet as you will move to the warm beats of Caribbean music, live shows and cultural exhibitions all over the city. Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities on the globe. So apply today for your 10 years Canada visa and experience all of the worlds’ cultures Toronto has to offer.

The Vancouver Celebration of Lights Festival

A large crowd of people watching fireworks Description automatically generated with low confidence


In Vancouver, the Celebration of Light festival celebrates food, music, and fireworks. The festival has evolved into a summer cultural celebration that brings more than 1.6 million visitors each year. This festival is one of Vancouver’s signature and most popular summer festivals.

On Vancouver’s waterfront, crowds come from all over the city to sit and enjoy the spectacular fireworks show. Take some time and visit Canada Place while you’re there! The festival also features music performances each evening at Vancouver’s sunset beach! Vancouver is a

Enjoy Canada’s Great Outdoors

Ask any Canadian you know about Canada’s nature and outdoor playgrounds, and they will be sure to tell you how beautiful the Canadian landscapes are. At Northen Road Canada, we come from both the East and West coasts, and we have a lot to say about our country! Take a look at our blog on Canada’s National Park to learn more about what awaits when you visit with your Canadian tourist visa.

During the summer months, Canadians love to take advantage of the endless natural resources. So, apply for your Canadian tourist visa and join them! With thousands of lakes and three oceans to choose from, it’s natural that watersports are so popular amongst Canadians. Many hotels and resorts in Canada are near a water source and can offer great activities for you to choose from. For example water tubing, aquatic skiing, canoeing, and kayaking.

A picture containing outdoor, tree, sky, grass Description automatically generated


If you are an avid fisher, you’ll want to take a look at some of the finest fishing lodges all across the country. There you will find the fishing thrills you are looking for and peace and tranquillity away from the noise of the big cities.

You can also choose to go camping while you’re visiting with your Canadian tourist visa. Whether you like a more organized campground with complete services or prefer a more rustic experience, you will find it during your travels to Canada. When you set camp, make sure to go out and venture on a hike in the surroundings. Ask the local residents about what’s there to see. They’ll be happy to help you discover the beauty of their region.

For more Canadian attractions, check out our Visit Canada section!

Fall in all its glory!

A picture containing nature, water, waterfall, colorful Description automatically generated

Fall in Canada is by far the most beautiful season of the year. With the leaves of trees changing to multiple colours, from deep reds to bright oranges, the scenery and landscapes are in their glory all over the country.


Fall also means the arrival of cooler weather, or as we Canadians call it: the sweater season.

Mornings nights are relatively chilly, and the afternoons are warm and comfortable. Fall also means harvest season in Canada. All of the farmer’s markets around the country boast fresh produce and local specialty dishes.

Canadian Thanksgiving

Not to be confused with American Thanksgiving in November, the Canadian holiday is celebrated in October. It traditionally represents a sense of gratitude for the year’s harvest and allows families to gather and celebrate around a table filled with homegrown Canadian foods.

A visit to the farm.


If you plan to travel to Canada during September and October, we recommend visiting a farm and picking apples or pumpkins. This is an activity that Canadian families enjoy doing in the warmer fall afternoons. While you probably won’t bring your pickings back with you to Vietnam, it is a fun activity to do nevertheless. Also, take advantage of the local products, pastries and other baked goods sold onsite.

Canada’s Winter Wonderland.

A person standing in the snow Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Winter can often be disregarded due to its cold and freezing weather. But did you know that many festivals take place during the Canadian winter months? That’s not counting the numerous winter activities and sports you could experience during your winter travels to Canada.

Canadians live with winters that can sometimes span over several months, and that is why we make the most of it! When the temperatures are warmer and closer to 0 degrees, winter can offer some truly enriching experiences.

Make the most of the chilly outdoors

One fact remains, Canada is cold, and we know it! However, you can still make the most out of a winter visit to Canada. Start by trying out any outdoor activities. Ice skating is one of the favourite activities for Canadians during the winter months. Visit Ottawa and skate on the longest outdoor ice skating rink in the world, the Rideau Canal.

There are many winter festivals to choose from. From Ottawa’s Winterlude to the Montréal’s City of Lights Festival, or the Québec City Winter Carnival, there is plenty to see and do during the winter months.

If you are a fan of downhill skiing, you will love the high mountains of Whistler in British Columbia or the massive Mont-Tremblant in Québec. There are many mountains to conquer all over the country. Not a fan of heights? No problem! Choose one of the thousands of beaten paths for cross-country skiing or snowshoeing and witness the enchanting white landscapes all around you.

A person's feet in the snow Description automatically generated with low confidence

Don’t be surprised when travelling to Canada to see Canadians out on many outdoor skating rinks and frozen lakes playing friendly hockey games.

Spring: Canada’s sweetest season

Spring means to Canadians the end of the long winter months and the prospects of warmer weather on its way! But spring is also the sweetest season in Canada. Why? Because it is when Maple Syrup is produced. The most Canadian tradition of them all.

That’s right. Everyone knows that Canada is famous for its Maple Syrup. We even put the Maple Leaf on our flag and have a professional hockey team named after it. So, in Canada, we love our Maple Syrup and turn the Maple sap harvest into a celebration.

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Have you heard about a sugar shack? It is a small cabin usually located in the middle of a Maple tree forest. Traditionally, this is where the harvest of the Maple sap takes place and where it is boiled into syrup. Over generations of Canadians, sugar shacks became commercial venues where families can enjoy traditional maple-inspired food and satisfy that sweet craving.

If you plan to visit a sugar shack, make sure you stock up on maple candies and maple butter and try our maple whiskey! Truly Canadian.

Ignite your dreams. Go further!

When you apply for a Canadian tourist visa, you unlock a whole new world of experiences and discoveries. Canada’s tourism is filled with boasting world-class attractions and breathtaking nature. You won’t have enough from one visit to see it all, so make sure to make the best of your 10 years Canadian visa and discover more of Canada.

We built Northen Road Canada to help create stronger people-to-people ties between Canada and Vietnam. So let us accompany you on your journey to discovery! Contact us today to apply for your Canadian tourist visa.



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Find your best route to fly to Canada.

Our best traveling tips to make the most of your traveling experience.

Author: Yan Desjardins, Founder & Executive Director

Ready to get on your way?

Whether you are going to study in Canada, use your Canadian tourist visa for the first time, immigrate to Canada with your whole family, or maybe you are immigrating to Canada under one of the skilled categories; it is time to start looking at your best routing options for you to fly to Canada.

There are many options available to travelers that offer a different travel experience. Canada is a big country with 6 different time zones in total! Therefore, before traveling, you must choose the proper route to make your travel efficient and enjoyable while avoiding unnecessary distances.

Below you will find an easy step-by-step guide to help you decide what option is best for you to make the most of your arrival in Canada.

Step 1: East Coast vs. West Coast?

The first thing you need to determine is where within Canada you are going. For example, are you closer to the East coast or the West coast? This factor can help you narrow down your flying options.

There are no direct flights from Vietnam to Canada; that’s a shame. But do not let that discourage you. You can travel and transit through many large Asian airports that connect you to both Canadian coasts. There are 3 major airports you may want to consider: Toronto international, Montréal international, and Vancouver international.

The East Coast

Suppose you are going to study in Canada and your school is located in Toronto. You might want to take advantage of the direct flights available from Hong Kong, Tokyo, Manila, or even Taiwan. However, the flight times may generally vary between 12 to 16 hours to make it to the east coast of Canada.

You can also use Toronto international airport as a stepping stone to other destinations such as Ottawa, the capital of Canada, Halifax, or any other city in the Atlantic provinces.

Montréal international airport is also a viable option. It has many direct European routes to connect to and direct flights to Asian countries, namely Japan and China. In addition, Montréal is located 200km from the capital of Canada and 400km from Toronto.

The West Coast

If you are traveling to British Columbia, Alberta, or Saskatchewan, you’ll want to hop the direct flights to Vancouver from those same airports. If your final destination is Vancouver, then you’ll enjoy an 8 or 9 hours flight to the Canadian west coast.

Vancouver’s neighbor province is Alberta, followed by Saskatchewan. Both provinces can be easily reached within a 1 to 2 hours flight from Vancouver international airport. Manitoba is in the center of Canada and can be accessed easily from both coasts.

Suppose now that you have your 10-year Canadian visa, and you want to make an epic coast-to-coast trip. You’ll want to make Vancouver your starting point and your final destination one of the East Coast cities. Transiting through Vancouver is also a great way to travel for those who don’t like long-haul flights like the Toronto route.

In fact, at Northern Road, our preferred routing when we visit our friends and family or go to Canada for business is using the Ho Chi Minh City-Tokyo-Vancouver route to continue to the East coast. It allows maximum periods of rest between flights.

Step 2: Choose Your Carrier

Canada welcomes hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals coming to study in Canada and millions of holders of Canadian tourist visas that enter Canada each year. Therefore, many of the world’s largest air carriers fly to Canada with many different routing options.

You will have an array of choices depending on where you choose to transit from in the world. Most will take advantage of the many great connecting airports in Asia to take a flight to Canada. First, let’s take a closer look at Canada’s national carrier and its partners.

Air Canada: Connecting Canada Globally

Air Canada is the national flag carrier and the largest airline in Canada. It flies to every destination within Canada to all of the major cities around the world. Air Canada has been renovating its older fleet and renewing it with many new and comfortable aircraft. On your longer flights to Canada, you will mostly be on board a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner that offers a comfortable economy class, cozy premium economy, and world-class business class.

Air Canada is one of the founding airlines of Star Alliance, the world’s largest global airline alliance. Therefore, you will most likely be paired up with top-of-line airline carriers on your journey to Canada.

All Nippon Airways (ANA): Seamless Transits In Tokyo

Tokyo is an excellent option for transit as it has direct flights to Vancouver, Toronto, and Montréal. ANA is one of the most important allied airlines with Air Canada. Your journey will start with a 6-hour flight to Tokyo with ANA and then on to Air Canada for the rest of your trip. Transiting in Tokyo is very easy and organized. Take advantage of the fantastic duty-free shopping and all of the great Japanese products offered at Narita Airport.

Cathay Pacific: The Efficiency Of Hong Kong Airport

Hong Kong international airport is a short flight from Ho Chi Minh City. Cathay Pacific is another major partner airline with Air Canada. You will be carried to Hong Kong on a fleet of new Airbus 350 or a Boeing 777. Cathay Pacific is world-renowned for its luxury and comfort, and transiting through Hong Kong is a pleasant experience. With service to both Canadian coasts, Hong Kong is an excellent choice for your transit.

Eva Airways: Taiwanese Hospitality

Taiwan has direct flights to Canada on Eva Airways. Eva is also a partner of Star Alliance; whether you choose to fly Eva directly to Canada or team up with Air Canada, your travel to Canada will be efficient and comfortable if you decide to transit in Taiwan. Transit times are generally moderate and well organized.

There are many other options to travel to Canada. For example, you can transit in the middle east or Europe, or the United States. So while you make the best of your 10-year Canadian visa, you can take this opportunity to see more of the world on your way there. Canada keeps you connected wherever you are going.

Step 3: Prepare Your Arrival

Stay aware of travel restrictions at all times. If there is one thing that the global pandemic has taught us in recent years, travel can be significantly impacted and rapidly. Therefore, it is essential to stay informed to ensure safe travels to and from Canada. Visit Canada’s travel website for more information.


Also, make sure you pack your bags accordingly. If you visit Canada during the fall and winter, you’ll want to bring some warmer clothes and a warm coat. During the summer, temperatures often reach 30 degrees celsius, so you can pack your shorts and sandals and come enjoy the sizzling Canadian summer festivals.

Other Useful Travelling Tips

You’re almost on your way to Canada. How exciting! So we thought we’d share some other helpful information. So here’s a list of a few other traveling tips to help you maximize your travel to Canada.

Baggage allowances

Most flight carriers allow you to take 2 checked-in pieces of baggage of 23kg in economy class and 32kg if you are traveling in business class. That is mostly a standard on Asia-Canada flights but check with your carrier before purchasing. Not every company has the same allowances, and if you combine different airlines in both your trips, you may incur extra costs if you do not choose airlines with the same bag allowance.

If you are traveling within Canada by air, there are many companies you can choose from. Unfortunately, most companies offering low-cost flights within the borders will not offer any bag allowance on a low-cost ticket. Therefore, you will most likely have to buy an extra bag allowance so that you can carry all of the bags you took with you on your cross-border journey. But, don’t worry, it is still quite affordable.

Canadian Jet Lag

As mentioned earlier, Canada has 6 times zones. This can definitely make your head spin in terms of jet lag. For example, there are a 3 hours time difference between Vancouver and Toronto and many other 1 to 2 hours differences between many other provinces. Using the west coast as a stepping stone to the rest of the country can allow working your way through the time zones by following the sundown, which can help minimize your jet lag.

Airport lounges

If you have a long layover in Canada, look at taking advantage of the great lounges in the different airports. If you are traveling in business class on any Star Alliance carriers, you will be able to check in the Air Canada’s Maple Leaf lounges. If not, you can purchase an hourly to a day pass at other lounges where you can sit, eat, drink and freshen up.

Tourist attractions

Canada has so many great attractions to offer. Whether you are a city kind of person or a nature lover, you will be sure to find the perfect adventure to ignite your dreams of travel. Unfortunately, there are too many attractions to list in these few lines, but we suggest that you visit Parks Canada website for adventures in the great outdoors.

If you are looking for tourism ideas in Canada’s main cities, we suggest searching online using the city’s name and the word ‘tourism’. For example, ‘Toronto tourism,’ Montréal tourism’ etc. You’ll be off to plan your visit in no time.

Northern Road: Bringing you the authentic Canadian Experience.

At Northern Road, we love to bring you the authentic Canadian experience through the eyes of Canadians. Both founders are from Canada, one from the west and one from the East. We strive to inspire our clients to ignite their dreams.

If you are looking to apply for a Canadian tourist visa, study in Canada or immigrate to Canada with your whole family, Northern Road can help you reach your immigration goals. Take our self-assessment test today and see how you can qualify.

Don’t forget to keep reading our blog section for more useful information about Canada.



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Our 10 best Canadian tourist attractions

Our 10 best Canadian tourist attractions

Author: Yan Desjardins, Founder & Executive Director

What to see in Canada.

There is so much to see in Canada that it is impossible to list all the attractions in one shortlist. However, below we are bringing you our all-time top 10 favourite Canadian tourist attractions.

Make the most of your travel to Canada and see some of Canada’s most iconic landmarks and attractions. Not enough time to see it all in one trip? Worry not because you can come back with your 10-year Canadian visa and keep on discovering our beautiful country each time you travel to Canada.

Let’s get started!

Niagara Falls

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Niagara Falls is probably Canada’s most iconic tourist destination. Three falls are bordering Canada and the United States, with the main and biggest one being the horseshoe fall, known as Canadian Falls. You can only get the best view of the falls if you travel to Canada, another good reason to apply for a Canadian tourist visa. Around the falls, you will find many entertainment venues and world-class hotels and casinos.

The Niagara region is home to many wineries. When you travel to Canada, a visit to Niagara on the Lakes will sure enchant you. You’ll be able to do wine tasting, eat the local products, and discover how the region has influenced wine and food.

The Calgary Stampede, Alberta

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The Calgary Stampede, in the province of Alberta, is home to the biggest rodeo in the world. Cowboys have been a significant influence in Western Canadian culture, which has been around for over 100 years!

This annual festival is held every July and brings crowds from all over Canada to spectate bull riding, horse races, goat tying, and much more. So grab your cowboy boots and get ready for plenty of country music, dance, and traditional Canadian food during this 10 days festival. If you plan to visit Calgary when you travel to Canada, make sure you put the stampede on your list!

Old Québec City, Québec

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Vieux-Québec, or Old Québec, is a historic district in Québec city, the second oldest city in Canada. The city was fortified as it acted as a military base during the colonization of Canada by the French and the British.

‘Le Petit Champlain’ and ‘La Place Royale’ are some of the oldest and most historic parts of Quebec city. Did you know that it is here that Samuel de Champlain, French explorer and founder of New France, erected his first residence after his arrival in 1608?

Walking the streets of ‘Le Petit Champlain’ will bring you down memory lane to an era that originated more than 400 years ago. Use your 10-year Canadian visa and discover the French legacy in Canada.

Toronto’s CN Tower

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The CN Tower in Toronto is as iconic as the city itself! Opened in 1976, the tower stands at 553m above ground! It held the record of the highest self-standing structure until 2007, when the Burj Khalifa dethroned it. The CN Tower is the most recognized landmark of Toronto and one of the most popular attractions for visitors who travel to Canada.

The CN tower is one of the most thrilling experiences you can think of – a walk on the edge of the tower. Get your heart racing by getting into a secured harness system and walking on the edges around the tower. Not only will you get a thrill like no other, but you will get spectacular views of the city. Can you handle it?

Toronto is also the largest city in Canada and home to many cultures that have come from worldwide. In fact, some say it is known as the most multicultural city in the world! So travel to Canada and discover what the buzz is all about! Get a taste of big city living – the Canadian way.


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Located on the West Coast of Canada, Whis/tler boasts for its legendary resorts and international mountain sports attractions. This small mountain town offers an abundance of activities such as hiking, mountain biking, golfing, skiing, snowboarding, and much more. During the winter season, the city turns into a truly Canadian winter wonderland.

If you are a winter sports fan, you won’t want to miss out on Whistler when you travel to Canada. After a fantastic day on the slopes, stop for a nice cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows at the ski resort chalet. You will also love taking a stroll in the pedestrian streets of Whistler.

Take advantage of your 10-year Canadian visa and make Whistler your annual winter vacation destination.

Ottawa’s Parliament Hill

A large building with a clock tower Description automatically generated with medium confidenceOttawa, the capital of Canada, is home to Parliament Hill. However, the Parliament has not always sat in the city of Ottawa; in fact, it resided in many cities such as Montréal, Québec City, Kingston, and Toronto. Finally, it was in 1856 that the city of Ottawa was proclaimed as the capital of Canada.


Inspired by the British legacy, the Canadian Parliament is divided into two house chambers, 3 blocks, and the Peace Tower, dedicated to remembering Canadians’ sacrifice and service in the First World War.

With your Canadian tourist visa in hand, witness Canada’s democracy in action! While you’re there, make sure to visit some of the capital of Canada great museums.

Old Montréal


Montréal is a truly fascinating city. Make the most of your travels to Canada and visit the French heritage of the city. Take a stroll down the financial district and suddenly find yourself walking the streets of Old Montréal. Just like when walking the streets of Old Québec city, you will suddenly feel like you have travelled from the present to the past!

Old Montréal and its port were once the harbour of Canada’s economy. Today, you can find the most delectable culinary experience that Montréal has to offer amongst many other attractions, to everyone’s delight who comes to visit with their Canadian tourist visa.

During your journey through Old Montréal, stop by ‘Place Jacques Cartier’ for some entertainment. Get a table and enjoy the French Canadian hospitality. One of our favourite restaurants in the old town is ‘Les Jardins Nelson.’ Don’t miss out on their Jazz nights!

Vancouver Island

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Vancouver Island is a destination you won’t want to miss if you visit the west coast of Canada when you travel to Canada. To start your journey to Vancouver Island, we recommended taking the 90-minute ferry from Vancouver to Victoria. You can sightsee wildlife such as whales and dolphins within the Pacific Ocean on the ferry deck. Once you arrive in Victoria, take two days to explore the many activities the city offers. From the inner harbour pathway, the British Columbia Museum, the legislative assembly of British Columbia, and the many hipster-like streets, restaurants, cafes, and bars that the city offers.

Once you have explored the city, make your way north of Victoria to the town of Nanaimo, and be sure to explore the many natural areas available for hiking and camping. The city is known for beautiful waterfronts, rivers, and overseeing large bodies of water. If you want to give surfing a try, Nanaimo is one of the few locations in Canada that it is possible to surf. Register to some surfing classes to finish off your travels to Canada’s Westcoast.

National Arts Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

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Travel to Canada and experience the country through the eyes of its artists. Witness the most important works of Canadian arts collected over hundreds of years.

The National Gallery features a collection of more than 30,000 art pieces created by Canadian and international artists. Over time, it has hosted exhibits from the greatest artists like Vincent van Gogh, Henri Matisse, or Picasso. The gallery also showcases an extensive collection of aboriginal arts from Canada’s first nations dating back to 1850.

Footsteps away from Parliament Hill and niched on the bank of the Ottawa river, the gallery offers impressive views of Parliament hill. The glass and granite building is renowned for its architecture and giant spider sculpture made by Canadian artist Louise Bourgeois.

West Edmonton Mall

A picture containing marketplace, resort, several Description automatically generatedDid you know that Canada has the largest mall in North America? Located in Edmonton, Alberta, West Edmonton Mall (WEM) has over 800 stores and is the size of 93 football fields! The mall is so large that it has upwards of 200,000 visitors in one single day, depending on the time of the year.


WEM has received numerous World Records; including, the world’s largest indoor amusement park, indoor roller coaster, indoor lake, indoor waterpark, and even a world record for the largest parking lot for upwards of 30,000+ cars! So, travel to Canada and make sure to stop for a visit on your journey through Alberta.

Are you ready for your next adventure and want to travel to Canada? Contact us today to apply for your Canadian tourist visa.




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Canada’s wildlife: A biodiversity of more than 80,000 species!

Authors: Yan Desjardins, Founder & Executive Director

Canada is home to rich biodiversity.

With such a large landmass, it is no surprise that Canada is home to thousands of different species of animals and other living creatures. Canada has one of the largest northern biodiversity on the planet. More than 80,000 species, to be exact. Canada’s wildlife makes up an essential part of Canada’s tourism. Large and charismatic animals not seen in many other countries worldwide always captivate tourists who visit using their Canadian tourist visa.

So, with your Canadian tourist visa in hand, discover the 30 different wildlife ecosystems across Canada! You’ll be sure to stumble across several Canadian mighty giants, and plenty of cute animals are to be found while on a Canadian tourist visa.

From the arctic polar bears to the several species of whales to the funny-looking giant moose, wildlife watching in Canada’s large and stunning wilderness is a big reason why many apply for a Canadian visa.

The most notorious Canadian animals.

Just like any other country in the world, Canada has its notorious animals. With all sorts of climates in Canada, the wildlife has adapted to the rugged terrain and cold weather over thousands of years. Some of these animals have become national emblems over time! Like the first one we will see in the list below.

The Beaver

No other animal has played such a historic role in Canadian history as the beaver. This large rodent has a chubby body, webbed feet, and a long muscular tail to support its swimming. The beaver can live in rivers and lakes all across Canada, and you can even see it on the Canadian five-cent coins.

These busy beavers cut upwards to 200 trees per year with their sharp teeth. The beaver will then build elaborate homes, called a beaver dam, using wood logs. The beaver played a historic role in Canada’s developing economy. Traded for its warm fur by the European colonies, the beaver fur trading created economic opportunities and led to the founding of many cities in Canada, known as trading posts.

While visiting Canada with your 10 years Canada visa, you will have the best chance of spotting a beaver paddling in a lake between dusk and dawn with his small head just above the way.

The Caribou

In Northern Canada, you can find nearly 2.5 million reindeers, or as we call them, Caribou! Along with the beaver, Caribou is a national emblem in Canada and can also be seen on Canada’s twenty-five-cent coins.

These large animals can weigh up to 300 kg and stand as tall as 2.2 meters, if not more. You might have recognized them for pulling that big white-bearded man sleigh? Well, you’re right! Caribous play an essential part in the northern Canadian ecosystem, the tundra.

So if you plan on visiting any of the northern parts of Canada when you visit after you apply for a Canadian visa, you will most likely see herds of Caribous roaming around Canada’s arctic.

The Canadian Lynx

The big Canadian cat. Slightly larger than your average housecat, a Canadian lynx isn’t one that you will want to pet. These boreal predators are master hunters and are ferocious. Therefore, they should not by any means be approached and should be appreciated from a distance.

Canadian lynx live in extensive forests and create their homes in thick bushes or under fallen trees. This Canadian cat is not the fastest runner of the feline family, but they can move quickly through the snow with their large snowshoe-like paws.

The Moose.

The moose is one of our favourites. This enormous and majestic like-deer can be seen in many different regions of Canada. Weighing upwards to 800kg and 2 meters tall at its shoulders, it is another animal on the list you might not want to go petting. A single kick from the moose’s back legs can be fatal to humans. However, these animals are typically not dangerous and leave humans alone if they are not disturbed.

You can often see moose crossing roads in Canada, making driving in Canada a little more dangerous at night. You do not want to hit one of these with your car. Sometimes, moose crossings may even cause traffic jams! Not your typical rush hour in Canada!

To increase your chances of spotting a moose while visiting using your Canadian tourist visa, be around lakes and streams in the western mountain ranges of British Columbia, Alberta, and Yukon, or camp or trek in the lush forests of Québec. If you encounter a moose in the woods, standstill as it will slowly pass you by and admire the beauty of this Canadian giant.

The Porcupine

This ridiculously curious and slow-moving animal is Canada’s second-largest rodent. Covered with over 30,000 quills, this prickly animal is best to avoid and observe from afar. However, you can encounter these funny creatures in both Canadian forests and cities.

When it feels threatened, a porcupine will aggressively lash its tail, causing the quill-like needles to be thrown in the air. So if you see one, as long as you are respectful, keep your distance and not scare it, your encounter will be alright.

The Loon

Another Canadian national emblem, the loons. They can be heard in early mornings along calm lakes as the sun rises. The humming bell sound that it produces is enchanting as it echoes over the lake. The loon’s color may vary, but their black neck and head remain one of the most notable characteristics.

The loon is a stunning aquatic bird that you can find all around Canada. Fear not, If you don’t get a chance to see a loon in person when you visit using your 10 years Canada visa, worry not; you can always open your wallet and look at the back of a one-dollar coin.

The Grizzly bear

When you get your 10 years Canada visa, and if your travels take you to the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Québec, and Yukon, there’s a chance you may encounter a grizzly bear. Seeings of this other Canadian giant have occurred in forest areas across the country by trekkers, campers, and other nature lovers.

Standing upwards to 3 meters tall, this brown bear is a fierce hunter and swimmer. They can stand on their back legs, use their long and sharp claws to climb trees, and catch fish in Canadian rivers. The grizzly bear is one of the most aggressive and powerful bears in the Canadian wilderness. If you do encounter one, stay calm and slowly move away as it passes you by.

During the spring and summer months, the grizzly bear commences its food hunt to prepare for its long hibernation in the winter.

If you plan on camping during your visit on your 10 years Canada visa, always make sure to have food away from the campsite. Grizzly bears are known for dropping in uninvited around campgrounds.

The Whales

Orcas, also known as killer whales, get their name from their diet for eating seals and other whales. But, do not be fooled by their stunning looks. They are fierce hunters.

The Canadian west coast is very popular with tourists who visit using their 10 years Canada visa. In addition, there are many whale watching tours around Vancouver Island to sightsee orcas where you can watch the black-and-white colored plunge in and out of the ocean.

If your trip does not involve being on the Westcoast, there are other opportunities to see other Canadian whales. For example, if you are traveling through Manitoba, you can visit Churchill to witness the beauty of the Beluga Whales in their sanctuary.

Maybe your first visit on your Canadian tourist visa will take you to the province of Québec. If so, we recommend that you visit the Tadoussac region of the province, where you can catch a boat and witness the beauty of Blue Whales. They swim down the St. Lawrence river from the Atlantic ocean to the amazement of thousands of tourists each year.

There are many types of whales in Canada to see through the many whale safaris available across the country; but, the Beluga Whales are probably amongst the cutest and most friendly! They may just swim up to you and say hello!

The Wolf

Fierce and quick, wolves are commonly seen in many Canadian provinces. From Québec to Newfoundland, Labrador to Yukon, these large majestic dogs have been part of Canadian history for thousands of years. Just like the beaver, the Canadian Wolfe was once hunted for its fur.

Wolves are excellent hunters. They have adapted to Canadian winters and landscapes and thrive in packs. As a result, they can move swiftly through the water, land, and even snow.

If you’re out camping, there’s a good chance you will hear packs of them howling at the moon. But fear not, wolves rarely want to encounter humans and often stay away.

The Polar Bear

Canada is home to the most polar bears in the world, approximately 15,000 polar bears in total! These large animals can grow upwards of 800kg and can only be seen in one place in Canada through September to early November in a small town called Churchill, Manitoba.

The polar bears are playful creatures and are easily recognizable by their white fur and cute faces. They are one of Canada’s most famous animals. Living on the frozen waters of Canada’s arctic, they feed on fish and seals.

When you visit using your Canadian tourist visa, Venturing to Churchill will be nothing but an adventure. There are no roads to get to this tiny little town. To visit, you will need to book a train or come by plane. Although out of the way, we believe it’s still worth visiting as Churchill is also home to seals, beluga whales, and the northern lights.

The Canadian Goose

The Canadian Goose is a large species of bird that are found all over Canada. They migrate to warmer climates during the winter, mainly in parts of the United States and sometimes Northern Europe, making a transatlantic flight.

The goose is an extremely strong bird that can fly uninterrupted for hours. Their flight pattern, a large reversed V shape, allows the geese to fly aerodynamically. They switch turns at the tip of the formation to allow rest periods for every bird, therefore sharing the burden of facing the strong winds.

For Canadians, seeing a flock of geese flying after the long winter months announces the coming of spring. But don’t think the geese are just as friendly as Canadians! On the contrary, they can be pretty temperamental. Just ask any Canadian. Most will have a story of being chased by one!

The Canadian Goose is the only truly mean Canadian!

Witness all of the beauty of Canada’s wilderness.

If you are a nature and animal lover, make Canada your top destination! You will be sure to be amazed by all it has to offer. When you apply for a Canada visa, you are most likely to receive a 10 years Canada visa that will allow you to come back year after year.

Don’t have time to travel the large areas of Canada to witness these iconic Canadian animals? Worry not. Canada has many natural conservation sanctuaries that allow visitors. One of our favorites is the Park Omega, located 45 minutes away from Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Take a drive through the protected forest and meet most of these Canadian icons. They will come right up to your car windows for you to feed them. An enjoyable activity for the family during your visit.

Need help applying for a Canada visa? Northern Road is here for you. Contact us today and receive a free assessment.


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Adventure awaits you in Canada’s National Parks!

Ile-Bonaventure and Roché Percé Provincial Park, Québec

Authors: Yan Desjardins, Founder & Executive Director

Are you looking for your next travel adventure? Have you thought about applying for a Canadian tourist visa? At Northern Road, we strive to bring you the genuine Canadian experience through the eyes of Canadians, so we thought about all the nature lovers out there!

Canada’s national parks are right for you. With 48 National Parks spreading over 30 regions around the country, it is an absolute must-see during your visit!

Let’s take a closer look!

The Parks.

Canada’s landscape has been forged over billions of years. Over time, landscape changes were driven by forces of nature: water and wind erosion, the different climates, volcanic eruptions, and more.

But in Canadian history, one primary geological process helped define and shape some of Canada’s most famous landscapes: the movement of tectonic plates!

Continuously over 3 billion years, the plates on each side of Canada moved inwards, adding pressure to the rock-filled land, therefore pushing it on itself. The result? A large chain of rock mountains erupted from the ground, known today as ‘The Canadian Rockies.’

But let’s get back to Canada’s national parks. There are 3 types of parks:

  1. Canadian National Parks: they are administered by the federal government and regulated by federal legislation;
  2. Provincial parks: parks administered and regulated by each Canadian province;
  3. Regional parks are often included in a region (ex: the capital of Canada region) and administered by a commission.

Canadian National Parks consist of large ecosystems filled with many land and marine habitats to be discovered. In addition, each National Park has its own cultural significance based on the region where it is located, making it a different and unique experience each time you visit one.

Additionally, each province has their provincial parks that just keeps on adding to Canada’s beauty and offers more experience to thrill-seekers. Your 10 years Canada visa will serve you well if you want to discover more of Canada’s national parks.

Be sure to take the opportunity to learn through the educational programs at the National Park you intend to visit. Learn about protected heritage sites, the culture & history of the park, and the different preservation programs that aim at preserving the ecosystems. We highly recommend booking a guided tour.

The History.

In November 1885, an Albertan sulphur mountain was the first area to be declared the official Canadian national park system made for public use. Tucked away in a hot springs cave was the first declared national park, Banff National Park.

The hot springs were discovered by the first British settlers who worked on the Canadian Pacific

Railway in 1883. Given its unique and prestigious beauty, the federal government decided the area should not be granted as private land and be preserved for the benefit of all Canadians.

As more and more National Parks were discovered, the federal government established and introduced a bill in the Canadian House of Commons to protect the most remarkable beauties to ensure large-scale ecosystem development continues to thrive.

The Experience.

Every Canadian National Park is quite different from one another. They offer diverse landscapes in each of Canada’s regions. But they do have things in common! Almost half of the national parks border Canadian oceans. Others are in mountainous landscapes with snow-capped peaks or in a large forested area with many rivers and lakes, perfect for kayaking, hiking, canoeing, cycling, and camping.

All of Canada’s parks operate all year long. Even in the winter months. Imagine all of the new experiences that your Canadian tourist visa can open for you! There is a whole new world of winter experiences in the parks, like the cold weather, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or hiking in the parks during the winter months.


Our top 5 national parks.

At Northern Road, we wish to bring you the Canadian experience through the eyes of Canadians! So, we thought it fitted to bring you our all-time top 5 favorite national parks! You may even recognize some of them.

Banff National Park, Alberta.


Banff is the oldest and most visited park in Canada. It is also probably the most photographed park in the entire country as well! Each year, thousands of visitors apply for a Canadian tourist visa just to discover this incredible location for its picturesque and historical significance, and for a good reason.

Nestled away in Canada’s Rocky Mountains, the park offers breathtaking views of the mountains, pristine water lakes, and dense forests. Lake Louise, known for its clear blue water lake and rocky mountains, is one of the tourist hotspots in the park. You can find many accommodations options, from low budget to 5 stars hotels, restaurants, and all other amenities at Banff.

Bay of Fundy National Park, New Brunswick.


Situated on Canada’s east coast, between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, the Bay of Fundy’s is perfect for sea lovers. Its coastline offers sheer cliffs, enormous tides and is a haven for biodiversity lovers. Long drives along the coast are highly recommended.

The best time to discover Hopewell Rocks with your Canadian tourist visa is between June and September. Go kayaking amongst the carved-out boulders, witness water levels that rise upwards to 15 meters, and enjoy all the fresh seafood you can eat. While you’re there, make sure to try some fresh Canadian lobster and oysters!

Canadian Atlantic provinces are home to some of the friendliest Canadians. Not only will you be amazed by the beauty of the landscape, but you will be charmed by the Atlantic hospitality.

Gatineau Park, Québec.

Gatineau Park is located in the province of Québec, near Ottawa, the capital of Canada. It is the 2nd most visited park in Canada. It offers excellent activities for nature lovers and other thrill-seekers. Interest in camping in a ‘Yurt’ in the middle of wildlife? Or perhaps enjoy a little bit of ‘glamping’? You can do both! Also, plan your hike in the many kilometres of trails and make sure to visit the mystical Wilson Ruins.

Gatineau Park is a large land park covering hundreds of kilometres with lush forests and abundant rivers and lakes. Make sure to stop in the charming old town of Chelsea, Québec. Gatineau Park is a regional park, and since the federal government does not regulate it, it has seen some business and residential development.

If you are applying for a Canada visa and wish to visit the region of the capital of Canada, make sure you put Gatineau Park on your itinerary.

Nahanni National Park, British Columbia.

Take advantage of your Canadian tourist visa and go off the beaten path. Nahanni National Park is a perfect way to rest and recharge. Located in the North of Canada, Nahanni National Park sits in a carved-out valley throughout the mountains. This UNESCO Heritage Site has many limestone caves and gorges that were once hollowed out from Nahanni River.

The National Park does not have any roads or tourist accommodations; therefore, visitors come to the national park for trips that last between 1 to 3 weeks. During this time, visitors whitewater raft, canoe, and camp amongst stunning landscapes.

Be on the lookout for gold nuggets the size of grapes! In the early 1900s, many gold prospectors came here to find their fortunes.

Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland.

Gros Morne is located on the Atlantic coast and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Gros Morne National Park took over 485 million years to form into this spectacular ecological treasure.

You can hike the Park’s peaking summits, take a boat and feel the mist from the towering waterfalls, attend the many festivals, and camp with a tent under the stars.

Our travel tips.

Here are a few travel tips and best practices. If you are thinking of coming to Canada on a Canadian tourist visa to visit some of Canada’s parks, you might want to take note of the following.

Book in advance.

Some National Parks around are free to access, but others may require you to book in advance. Once you have your Canadian tourist visa in hand, purchase an entrance ticket to one of the National Parks online before arriving in Canada. Entrance fees to National Parks may vary. As well, some of the most popular attractions may sell out quickly, so don’t miss your chance; book in advance.

The summer season is the most popular tourist season in Canada. Millions of people visit Canada during this time, so make sure you book your accommodations well in advance.

Plan your visit ahead.

Now you know that Canada’s National Parks are huge and offer many different attractions, but make sure to do your research and get prepared beforehand. Remember, Canada is a vast country, so you might have to travel many hours by road to get from point A to point B. Don’t miss out on your favorite attractions by not factoring in the distance you may have to cover!

Stay Safe.

To ensure the safety and the preservation of the park’s nature while on your visit, National Parks have government-run facilities such as visitor orientation centers and ranger stations to help visitors if needed. However, not all parks have ranger stations; therefore, it’s always good to practice to prepare well for your expedition.

Make sure to review the emergency and safety guidelines of the park before venturing on your trek or camping trip. Some remote areas may not have mobile phone coverage, so it is best to have a survival plan! And stay away from Grizzly bears!

Ignite your dreams. Go further!

Imagine all the visits and adventures you can do with your 10-year Canadian Visa! Canada’s National Parks are sure to provide you with the thrill you are looking for. As well, you will be in amazement at the abundance of wild animals and nature around you.

Need help applying for your tourist visa? Contact us today and let us be part of your journey.

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9 Frequently Asked Questions About Canadian Tourist Visa

Authors: Yan Desjardins, Founder & Executive Director

Travelling is a way to ignite your dreams, go further and discover other cultures. Travelling builds character, tolerance and provides a fresh new vision of the world we live in. Having a 10-year Canadian visa in your passport can enable you to come year after year to visit and discover all of the great attractions and natural beauty Canada has to offer. Before you do, here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about the 10-year Canadian visa.

9 FAQs to help you understand better

1.If I get sick or have an accident while visiting Canada, will the Government of Canada pay for my medical treatment?

No. Travelers who wish to go to Canada are encouraged to purchase travel health insurance in case of emergency. Most credit card companies also offer travel health insurance when you are buying airfare with it. You may want to inquire with your financial institution.

2.Can I fill out one visa application for my whole family if we are traveling together?

No. To apply for a Canada visa, every applicant must fill out their form regardless of their age. This is because every applicant will be processed individually for the 10 year Canada visa.

3.What is the difference between a ‘10 year Canadian visa’ vs. a ‘visitor record’?

A visa is an actual counterfoil in your passport that allows you to travel to Canada. In addition, a visitor record is granted to those who apply to extend their stay in Canada after the original period of stay has expired.

4.How do I calculate the family size of my inviter in Canada for the super visa?

You must include yourself, any dependent traveling with you, and each family member of your inviter. The family composition includes their spouse/common-law partner, dependent children, and any other person who is financially reliant on them.

5.I want to apply for a Canada visa with my minor child but not my spouse.

You will need to provide a copy of your child’s birth certificate, an authorization letter, and a copy of a passport or national ID from the non-accompanying parent.

6.I have to complete a medical examination. Can I go to my family physician to do this?

No. Your family physician is not authorized to complete this medical examination for immigration to Canada purposes. Only panel physicians that are approved by the Government of Canada can achieve this for you.

7.Can I apply for a Canada visa in a country where I am not a citizen?

Yes. As long as you hold a valid immigration status in that country, you can apply to the Canadian visa office in your area.

8.I applied for permanent residence to live in Canada. Can I still apply for a Canada visa in the meantime?

Yes. You may have to provide additional explanation to satisfy the Canadian authorities that you will leave Canada if asked or if your permanent residence application is denied. However, having a permanent residence application in the process does not prevent you from applying for another type of Canadian visa.

9.If I am a business visitor and wish to work in Canada, will I need to apply for a work permit?

Yes. Suppose you plan to carry out other activities than the ones related to your initial business visit. In that case, significantly, if those activities interfere with the Canadian labor market, you will need to apply for a work permit.

Reasons Why You Should Apply For a Canadian visa

Witness the beauty of Canada

By applying and being granted a Canadian tourist visa, you will be able to come year after year to visit and discover all of the great attractions and natural beauty Canada has to offer. Choose from the beautiful Canadian Rockies in Alberta, the cosmopolitan city of Toronto, or the French colonial beauty of Québec City. Canada has something to offer to everyone. Keep reading for more reasons why you apply for a Canada visa.

Get a 10-year Canadian visa.

Canada understands the importance of the tourism industry to boost the economy of its cities, businesses, and tourist attractions. The 10-year Canadian visa program is one of the most generous of its kind across the world. When you apply for a Canada visa, not only are you saving money from not having to renew your Canadian tourist visa every year, you are also optimizing your chances of obtaining a visa for other countries.

Canada: a highly respected country

Having a 10-year Canadian visa in your passport can help you obtain visas for other countries. Canada’s tourist visa application procedure is among the most thorough and respected in the immigration industry worldwide. Being successful at applying for a Canada visa can provide you the international recognition needed to demonstrate that you are a trustworthy traveler.

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Northern Road is an immigration consulting firm specializing in immigration to Canada for individuals who need reliable and personalized immigration consulting services. We aim to connect communities by creating people-to-people ties and uplift people’s lives and businesses throughout Asia to attain their ambitions and goals.

Both Northern Road founders are Canadian citizens living in Vietnam, making Northern Road a 100% foreign Canadian-owned company. So not only do we bring you the authentic Canadian experience through the eyes of Canadians, but we understand immigration by having immigrated abroad ourselves.

Let us accompany you on your journey to discover Canada. With Northern Road, you can ignite your dreams and go further.

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