Lunar New Year in Canada

Who cannot deny that Tết is one of the most beautiful times of the year? From the beautiful sounds, colors, and happiness that fills the air, it’s easy to get lost with all the excitement.

But have you ever wondered what Lunar New Year in Canada is like? Let’s find out with Northern Road

In fact, Vietnamese communities in Canada still keep their traditions no matter how far they are from their family. Vietnamese communities in Canada every year share Vietnamese Tết holiday traditions throughout the country.

Regardless of Canada’s extremely cold winters, Lunar New Year in Canada is still an exciting, warm, and spiritual atmosphere that brings together friends and family.

Lunar New Year in Canada and Family Activities

During Lunar New Year in Canada, Vietnamese families celebrate differently depending on the size of the family. Generally smaller families tend to keep things simplistic like gathering together for dinner at a Vietnamese or Chinese restaurant. Bigger families during Lunar New Year in Canada, take turns and invite one another over to cook or organize a potluck.

Much like in Vietnam, Lunar New Year in Canada families place a few dishes in front of the Gods & Goddess of Kitchen with traditional Vietnamese offerings on the last month of the lunar calendar. During Lunar New Year in Canada, Chung cakes are often given as gifts to celebrate the new year.

Vietnamese communities in Canada decorate their homes with plenty of beautiful bright pink, yellow, red, and white flowers throughout the winter months. Whereas more traditional families go to Buddhist churches to come in and do their blessings.

Lunar New Year in Canada and Family Activities

Canada Lunar New Year celebrations invite over 180 nationalities residing in Canada to have the opportunity to energy themselves in Vietnamese culture.

Tết celebrations are celebrated throughout the country, but the bigger events are typically in large cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. The largest celebration for Lunar New Year in Canada is held in Toronto for the Tết Toronto Festival.

Tết Toronto Festival offers a range of activities for the public to experience. From traditional Vietnamese cuisine, Vietnamese entertainment, and fashion. Each year Vietnamese embassies in Canada also host events to bring together the large communities of Vietnamese that have resided in Canada for years and or have recently moved to Canada to bring together Vietnamese communities around Canada. 

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