Apply For a Work Visa

Apply For a Work Visa

by Northen Road, January 14th, 2022

What are the requirements to apply for a work visa in Canada?

When you apply for a work visa for Canada, you must meet the following program requirements:

Genuineness of your employment offer in Canada
Effectively, this means that the visa officer processing your case must be satisfied that the job offered to you is genuine and that you intend to work legitimately in Canada. Also, the job offer must not be provided to you solely for you to immigrate to Canada.

Compliance with the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) requirements
An LMIA includes specific needs regarding the qualifications, education, and work experience required for a foreign worker’s position. Before you apply for a work visa for Canada, make sure that you meet all of the requirements listed for the job.

Admissibility to Canada
Canada protects the health and safety of all Canadians. Therefore, you will need to demonstrate that:
You do not have a criminal record in any countries you have previously lived
You do not have a health condition that can be dangerous to Canadians or put an unreasonable hardship on the Canadian health system.

What documents will I need to apply for a work visa for Canada?

Here are some of the primary documents you will need to provide.

Your passport that is valid for the length of your employment in Canada;
A copy of the Employment Offer Letter from the Canadian employer;
A copy of the valid LMIA;
A police certificate for every country you have lived in for 6 months or more, in the past 10 years;
Copy of a medical examination. This can be done before applying, or you could wait for the visa office to request the exam from you;
All of the application forms completed and signed;
Proof of payment;
Proof of your spouse work or study permit in Canada (for accompanying spouses applying for open work permits);

Once you meet all of the conditions to work in Canada, you must submit your passport to the visa office and receive your visa. You will also receive a letter authorizing you to obtain your work permit when you arrive in Canada.

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