Canadian Food Culture

Canadian Food Culture

by Northen Road, January 14th, 2022

Canada’s large landmass, diverse languages, mixed cultures, year-round climate, and history have shaped Canada’s food culture the way it is today. So many people have never heard of Canadian cuisine, yet there is so much to discover! If you have never tried Canadian food, applying for a Canadian visa to experience it yourself will not disappoint.

Diversity in Canadian cuisine first started from French, British, First Nations, and Scottish influence. Along with the sizable immigration influence from South America, Asian and Middle Eastern nationalities over a hundred years have greatly influenced what Canadian Food is like today.

Although Canadian Food is quite diverse, almost all have something in common; available ingredients. Unlike here in Vietnam, numerous food ingredients will not be found in Canadian grocery stores. That is where innovation comes into play! However, to provide a broad generalization of mixed cuisine, Canadian Food is often heavily spiced, rich, or heavy in carbohydrates (we love our bread and potatoes), an array of meats, and unsurprisingly lots of soups and stews to stay warm during the winter months. No matter the time of year, Canadian tourist visa holders will have opportunities to try seasonal dishes not seen throughout all months of the year.

Depending on the city that you’re traveling to Canada, food genres will vary from restaurant to restaurant and rely significantly on the local immigration population. However, rest assured that finding something tasty and affordable is everywhere, no matter the city you are in.

Before jumping into typical Canadian dishes, our big tip for you to find some delicious food while traveling to Canada is to ask the locals where the best family-run restaurants to eat are when visiting rural towns. Many smaller communities have farm-to-restaurant services that will indeed have your mouth watering once you get a smell of what is being cooked in the kitchen.

Typical Canadian Dishes


One of Canada’s most iconic dishes, ‘Poutine.’ Poutine’ is a popular Québécois dish that is now common to find across Canada and beyond! You can even find this dish in Ho Chi Minh City! Although fair warning, it does not come comparable to in Canada. It’s worth applying for a Canadian visa to get the real deal!

‘Poutine’ is heavy but oh, so satisfying! Made up of french fries, gravy, and cheese curds, Poutine pairs nicely with a cold beer on a summer patio and is very hearty in the winter days.

Over the years, there have been many variations of this dish as people are adding ingredients like ‘Montréal Smoked Meat,’ which is one of our favorites and next on the list.

Montréal Smoked Meat

More commonly called ‘smoked meat’ in Québec, this dish is made of beef brisket salted and cured with spices for a week. It is then smoked at a high temperature and cooked to perfection.

Visitors flock to Montréal to try this Canadian dish typically served on rye bread and accompanied by pickles. So don’t be surprised to see long queues of people at Schwartz’s, Montréal’s most famous smoked meat deli. If you’re traveling to Canada and Montréal is on your itinerary, you won’t want to miss trying this dish!


From first nation Canadians to French Canadians, South American and Asian immigration influences, Canada by culture uses many ways to prepare Canadian salmon. Fish is often seen in Canadian cuisine, but salmon is quickly on the commonly eaten fish list, cooked in various ways from smoked, baked, pan-fried, or even into jerky.

You can experience yourself by catching and cooking salmon through April, May, and June if you like fishing. Apply for a Canadian visa and spend a day fishing with the picturesque landscapes in the background. Be sure to apply and purchase a one-day sport fishing license in the province you will be in beforehand.


Canadians have this obsessed love for donuts. Have you heard of ‘Timbits’? The Company Tim Horton, a famous donut and coffee shop in Canada, started reusing the dough from the donut’s center when it was cut.

The small pieces of dough are then deep-fried just as is, and they become tiny mini donut bits. Timbits!

It’s simple. Imagine ordering dozens of different mini donuts in one box that is packed with different flavors. Well, we don’t need to convince you any longer. While visiting on a Canadian tourist visa, make sure to give Timbits a try. This food item can’t get any more Canadian!

Canadian Chinese Food

Canadian Chinese Food appeared in the early 1800s during the Canadian gold rush, which attracted many Chinese immigrants. Over the years, the cuisine has molded into its own, unlike any other Chinese food found here in Vietnam. Today Canadian Chinese Food is a highly sought out comfort food available throughout Canada.

Lobster Rolls

In Atlantic Canada, lobster rolls are an absolute must-try. Fresh off the dock of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, or Newfoundland, lobster is a delicacy enjoyed all over Canada. Canadian lobsters are famous for their generous and more delicate meat. We think applying for a Canadian visa to try Atlantic Canadian lobster and discover northern Canadian landscapes is worth it!

Whipped up in each family’s secret recipes, one can argue that this is a must-try in the Atlantic province- and what a great lunch it makes!

Tire Sur la Neige

Maple syrup is one of Canada’s most recognized food trademarks. ‘Tire d’érable sur la neige’ (maple taffy) is a traditional Canadian sweet commonly found in a ‘Cabane à sucre’ (sugar shack), a spring tradition in Canada and one that brings us back to our childhood memories. If Québec is the province you’re interested in visiting, applying for a Canadian visa a month before February’s Québec’s Winter Carnival is a fantastic time to try ‘Tire d’érable sur la neige’ and experience how Canadians celebrate in the snow all in one trip.

The Maple water collected from the trees is boiled to a very high temperature, just enough to turn it into a syrup. When ready, it is poured onto a bed of white snow and hardens into a taffy. It will be sure to give a sugar rush!