Express Entry

Express Entry

by Northen Road, January 14th, 2022

What is the Express Entry Program?


The Express Entry program is a system that assesses skilled immigrants based on a set of specific requirements and attribute points to determine the candidate’s Express Entry score. When a candidate is selected, there are three main categories that candidates can qualify to immigrate to Canada under the skilled category with the Express Entry program.

When you submit your profile online, the system will give you an Express Entry score. Candidates must wait after that to receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence.

The Comprehensive Ranking System

What is the Comprehensive Ranking System?

The Express Entry scoring system allows applicants to score points in 4 different groups.

Group A: Core Human Capital Factors.

This Express Entry score in this section is based on: age, education, language proficiency, and Canadian work experience. You can get 460 to 500 points with this group.


Group B: Spouse or Common-Law Partner Factors.

You can include your spouse or common-law partner in your Express Entry scoring profile. You can accumulate extra Express Entry score points using their education, language skills, and any previous Canadian work experience they may have. You can get a maximum of 40 points with this group.

Group C: Skills Transferability Factors

You can combine your education, foreign work experience, and strong language skills to get higher Express Entry score points with up to 100 additional points with this group.


Group D: Additional Points.

Having a sibling living in Canada, good French language proficiency, previous studies in Canada, or arranged employment can give you an extra 600 Express Entry score.


Combining groups A, B, and C, you can reach a maximum of 600 points, and you can obtain a maximum of additional 600 points under group D.
The total maximum Express Entry scoring with the CRS is 1200 points.

What type of skilled employment qualifies for the Express Entry Program?

Canada has categorized employment in different skill sets. The Canadian National Occupation Classification (NOC) list divides into 3 categories that qualify for the Express Entry scoring. First, you must determine if your past employment experience meets one of the following skill types.
Skill type 0 = Management jobs. This includes jobs in industries like science, manufacturing, construction, business, trades, or even food and beverage. The position can vary from entry-level management to specialized management and qualify as skilled work experience for the Express Entry scoring.
Skill type A = Professional jobs that usually require a university or college degree. Licensed professionals and other highly skilled workers would fall within this skill type of the Express Entry program.
Skill type B = Technical or skilled trades jobs that usually require a college education, specialized or apprenticeship training, or certification. Whether you are a chef, an electrician, or a welder, you can accumulate points for the Express Entry score.

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How can I prepare for my Express Entry score?

The first step.
Determine whether or not your past foreign work experience qualifies as skilled employment for the Express Entry program.

The second step
Determine your language abilities. To determine your proficiency, you will need to complete a language test at your nearest accredited language center. You will be given a language score in the 4 assessments of the test. This score will determine your eligibility for the different immigration programs.

The third step
Get your educational background recognized in Canada. You can complete an application for an Educational Credential Assessment. This will help in determining your points for the Express Entry score.

What happens once the Express Entry scoring is complete and my profile is submitted?

Qualified candidates

Your candidate profile will be placed in a ‘pool of qualified candidates.’ This means that your profile will compete with all of the other candidate profiles in the pool. Express Entry candidate profiles are valid for 12 months and must be re-submitted after the expiration.

Invitation to apply for permanent residence

Every few weeks, the office of the Minister of Immigration issues a CRS score threshold (a minimum express entry score) to send invitations to apply (ITA) for permanent residence. The threshold can vary based on a multitude of factors.
Annual immigration targets
Provincial nominations
Labour or skill shortage in a particular field
Retention of in-Canada workers and students.

If you obtain the minimum express entry score or higher, you will most likely receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence.

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