Other Requirements

Other Requirements

by Northen Road, January 14th, 2022

To complete your Canadian student visa application, applicants are required to submit some additional important documents applicable for both SDS and the regular study stream.

Valid Passport:

To apply for a Canadian student visa, applicants must have a valid passport. We highly recommend that your passport be valid for at least the duration of your studies in Canada. Not having a valid passport for the entire duration of studies will result in your Canadian student visa only being issued for the length that your passport is valid. In addition, not having a valid passport for the time of your study duration will require reapplying for a Canadian student visa after you apply for a new passport while residing in Canada.

Police certificate:

As part of the requirements to study in Canada, applicants over 18 years old will need a police certificate. You will need to obtain one for every country you have resided in for six months or more. Police certificates serve to prove that you have no criminal record, therefore admissible to Canada.

Residents of Vietnam can provide the ‘Judicial Certificate #2’ or ‘Criminal Record Certificate #2’ (Phieu Ly Lich Tu Phap So 2). You can find more information on obtaining a police certificate for all countries on the IRCC website.

Biometrics Enrollment:

Once the processing office has received your Canadian student visa application, you will receive a ‘Biometrics Instruction Letter.’ You can then arrange an appointment with one of the nearest Visa Application Center (VAC) to collect and complete your biometrics. In Vietnam, there are two locations available in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Once your biometrics are collected and completed, the VAC will send your information electronically to the visa processing office. It’s important to note that once biometrics are complete, they are valid for 10 years and can be used for other types of visa applications in the case of refusal of a Canadian student visa.

What are the Costs Associated with a Canadian Student Visa?

Here is the list of the fees you can expect to pay for your application.

  1. CAD $150.00 per person for each Canadian student visa;
  2. CAD $85.00 for the biometrics enrollment per person.

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