Provincial Nominees

Provincial Nominees

by Northen Road, September 20th, 2021

What is the Provincial Nominees Program?

The Provincial Nominee Program works in tandem with the different Canadian provinces. As a result, provinces that wish to attract immigrants to their cities can elaborate specific programs to meet their demographic and labour market needs. Many of the provinces have their own programs to help you immigrate to Canada under one of the skilled categories.

The Provincial Nominee Program interacts differently with the Express Entry program than the other permanent residence programs we’ve covered above. This program aims to select immigrants who wish to live in that specific province and have the skills to meet their particular immigration nomination programs.

How does the Provincial Nominee Program work?

Province of destination

Applicants must choose which province is best for them to immigrate to. You can use our interactive comparative tool to determine what fits your needs best. Then, applicants must decide whether they meet the provincial immigration requirements of the program.

Eligibility criteria

Each proving has its streams of immigration eligibility criteria. They can vary from post-graduation students to business people, skilled workers, or even low-skilled workers. The critical factor is you must meet the eligibility criteria of the province you intend to live in.
Some provinces will use a paper-based process, and others will prioritize online applications. For example, this means a province may require you to apply for the nomination before creating the Express Entry scoring profile so you can include the nomination certificate and get the extra 600 points on your Comprehensive Ranking Score results. In contrast, others will require that you create an Express Entry program profile to demonstrate that you are interested in immigrating to that specific province.
In both cases, you will have to demonstrate that you meet both the provincial and the Express Entry program eligibility requirements to qualify.

How to apply: 3 steps guide to prepare.

Step 1:
Research which province fits your lifestyle best.
Many provinces in Canada offer a different and unique life experience. From the ocean coasts to the bustling cities, Canada is a large country with vibrant communities.

Step 2:
Find the right pathway to permanent residence under their Provincial Nominee program. Once you have determined your eligibility, follow the province instructions and obtain your nomination certificate.

Step 3:
Finalize your profile for the Express Entry program. Some provinces will issue the nomination certificate to include in your profile. In contrast, others will recruit you directly within the Express Entry program portal.

Start your new life in one of Canada’s provinces with the Provincial Nominee Program. Find out how you can qualify by taking our self-assessment tool and receive a free assessment.