Reputable Canadian Immigration Consultant

Using a consultant to help you with your visa applications has many benefits. But before you sign on the dotted line, did you verify if this person is a licensed and reputable Canadian immigration consultant?

The Basics: A look At Immigration Consulting

Immigration Consulting: What is it?

In a world of constant movement and countless travels, many people dream of epic discoveries or even living in a different country. Many people choose to use the services of consultants to help them ignite their dreams of immigrating to another country. But perhaps you wonder what immigration consulting is? Is there a difference between a visa consultant and immigration consulting?

Immigration Consulting vs Visa Consultant

Is there a difference? Technically, visa and immigration consultants aim to offer similar or essentially the same services: immigration to another country. Any trained professional can help you apply for a visa and guide you to gather the required documents but can the consultant offer reliable advice that is based on your needs and your dreams?

Is there a licensing requirement for immigration consulting?

Requirements may vary depending on the country of destination. In Canada, the law requires that any professionals providing immigration consulting services be licensed and registered. They are known as ‘Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants’, commonly known in the industry as RCIC. Effectively, this enables consultants to provide legal and safe service to potential immigrants. Why safe? Because the regulatory organization that oversees the RCICs has put in place mechanisms to ensure that clients are protected and that recourse procedures are available in case of disputes.

The People: Reputable Immigration Consulting Companies

Don’t get fooled by unfounded guarantees

Canadian laws prevent any regulated immigration consulting firms from guaranteeing the issuance of a visa regardless of the type of visa applied for in order to retain clients. Advertising such a guarantee is a violation of the code of ethics sworn by the consultant and would not be recommendable as a reputable immigration consulting company.

Reputable immigration consulting companies will assess the client’s background and provide a realistic approach to immigration, outlining the weaknesses of the case to the client and finding an ethical solution to remedy those weaknesses.

Avoid misrepresentation at all costs!

If you or your immigration consulting firm is considering using any forms of misrepresentation to better your case, that is a bad decision! There are many forms of misrepresentation:

  • Falsifying or altering documents;
  • Making untrue or unfounded statements;
  • Withholding critical information relevant to your application; 
  • Providing fraudulent documents

Immigration authorities take misrepresentation very seriously and go the lengths to ensure that laws are respected. In Canada, you may be barred from applying for a visa for 5 years if you misrepresent yourself.

The Dream: Canada, An Opportunity For A New Life

Starting a new life in a different country is an exciting journey. Finding the right resources and the right immigration consulting service can help your dreams of immigration even more attainable.

Why Choose Canada?

Canada is a land of opportunity, of friendly people, and home to some of the most beautiful natural landscapes North America has to offer. Canada offers one of the best quality of life worldwide. Here are some of the best attributes that the country has to offer:

  • Free and universal healthcare for all Canadians;
  • World-Class education with some of the best learning institutions in the world;
  • G7 economy that provides a prosperous environment for business to succeed;
  • Safe cities with low crime rates and strict gun control;
  • Access to Citizenship and Canadian passport that is accepted, without a visa, in more than 180 countries around the world.


Immigration authorities take misrepresentation very seriously and go the lengths to ensure that laws are respected. In Canada, you may be barred from applying for a visa for 5 years if you misrepresent yourself.

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