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Studying in Canada has many benefits that will provide any student with the confidence and
credentials to excel in your chosen career path. Graduating from a Canadian university is highly
recognized globally and will be sure to ignite your dreams to go further!

What benefits do students receive when they study in Canada?

The cost of studying in Canada is much more affordable than in another country.

Canada student visa is issued for the entire duration of the program.

Students can work while studying to help reduce the cost of studying in Canada.

Gain invaluable work experience after graduating that qualifies students who study in Canada to apply for a work permit 3 years after graduating.

Have the opportunity to live and work in Canada permanently by applying for permanent residency and Citizenship after completion of studies in Canada.

What are the costs to apply for a
Canada Student Visa?

The costs of applying for a Canada student visa:
CAD $150.00 per person for each Canada student visa application
CAD $85.00 for biometrics enrollment per person


CAD $150.00 per person for each
Canada student visa application


Biometrics fee – per person:
CAD $85.00

Why Hire a Canadian Immigration Consultant for your Canada Student Visa?

Trained and regulated Canadian immigration professional

Cost consultation

Other suitable Visa programs Consultation

Provide complete information about the program you choose

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