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Yan Desjardins

Hello! Thank you for visiting our website. I am Yan Desjardins, Founder and Director of Northern Road Canada. I am a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant with over 15 years of experience in Canadian immigration and visa processing. I created Northern Road, Immigration to Canada, with the hope of helping Vietnamese individuals connect with Canada and build great things together.

Prior to launching Northern Road, I have served the Canadian Government for more than 15 years at IRCC, both in Canada, where I worked in many areas of the immigration programs and legal litigation services, and overseas where I served as a senior immigration officer in multiple countries around the world. I have helped thousands of people ignite their own dreams of studying, working, or living in Canada.

With Northern Road, I wanted to offer an ethical, transparent, and cost-effective alternative for immigration consulting services to those who wish to ignite their dreams of living in Canada.