The 10 Years Canada Visa Program

Canada is famous for magnificent natural landscapes, and it’s becoming the most popular tourist destination for many people around the world. Let’s find out all the information and the reasons why we should consider applying for a 10 years Canada visa with The Northern Road.

5 Big Reasons Why You Should Consider Applying for A 10 Years Canada Visa

Applying for a 10 years Canada visa has many benefits. Each province in Canada has its own unique culture, climates, tourist attractions and stunning landscapes.

Applying for a 10 years Canada visa will allow you to explore the main natural wonders the country has to offer

With Canada’s six time zones, we are certain you will need time to explore every corner the country has to offer. Having a 10-year visa will grant you plenty of time to travel without the need to rush from destination to destination.

If you have family who reside in Canada and would like to visit them regularly, a 10 years Canada visa is the economical option.

Holding a 10-year Canadian visa in your passport can help you obtain additional visas for other countries around the world. Providing the international recognition you need to demonstrate that you’re a trustworthy traveler.

If you know you will be returning to Canada even just once for another visit, a 10 years Canada visa will save time from immigration paperwork and be less costly.

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How Much Does a 10 Years Canada Visa Cost?

When applying for a 10 Years Canada visa, there are two fees attached to the application

10 Years Canada visa fees:

Visa fee - single applicant: CAD$100.00 Visa fee - family rate: CAD $500.00 maximum

Biometrics Collection Fees:

Biometrics fee – per person: CAD $85.00 Biometrics – per family (2 or more people): CAD $170.00

Why Hire a Canadian Immigration Consultant for a 10 Years Tourist Visa?

One common obstacle to achieving your dreams of traveling abroad might be obtaining a proper visa. Better yet, what other visa options are there available?

It is at times challenging to find the correct information for immigration regulations to another country. However, with the help of a trained and regulated Canadian immigration professional, you’re one step closer to achieving your dreams

Let Northern Road help you ignite your dreams to go further.