The Capital of Canada

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What is there to know about the Capital of Canada?

Canada is known for being a land of opportunities, home to friendly people, and some of the most beautiful landscapes in North America. For being such a large country, you might come to wonder what city is the capital of Canada? Perhaps it was Vancouver? Perhaps Toronto? In fact, the capital of Canada is a beautiful charming city called Ottawa located in the province of Ontario. Oddly, Ottawa is not well known amongst all the Canadian cities. However; that should not be ignored! The capital of Canada has many beautiful and exciting things to see and it should definitely be on your list to visit.

History of the Capital of Canada

Founded in 1855 and was designated the capital of Canada by Queen Victoria of England in 1857. The British influence settled disputes ongoing between Québec City, Montréal, Toronto, and Kingston who all competed to become the capital of Canada.

In the year 1867, when the Dominion of Canada was created, Ottawa officially became the capital of Canada.

During this time the British colony used Ottawa as a strategic trading post for furs, lumber, and natural resources.

What is There to do As a Tourist in the Capital of Canada?

Ottawa’s rich history, old architecture, and vibrant Canadian culture are an excellent choice if you’re thinking to visit or travel to Canada. To make the most of your trip, we believe this list are must-see places when visiting the capital of Canada.

Top 6 Must-See Places to Visit in the Capital of Canada


1. The Parliament Buildings and Peace Tower

For architecture, lovers are sure to check out Ottawa’s Parliament Buildings. The buildings offer a rich French and British architectural legacy you will not want to miss. Located only walking distance from Parliament Buildings, be sure to explore the capital of Canada’s Peace Tower. The Peace Tower was erected to commemorate the fallen soldiers and sacrifices made during the world wars as a way to solidify Canada’s position on peace and humanitarianism.

2. The Château Laurier

Another rich and beautiful architecture located in the capital of Canada leaves visitors in awe. The ‘chateauesque’ architecture is an elegant French heritage with a gothic-like architecture that makes for a unique hotel experience.

3. The Museums

The capital of Canada is home to many sorts of museums. All very much worth exploring if you enjoy history. Here are some of the top Museums you will surely want to explore while visiting the capital of Canada.
The Museum of History
The Canadian War Museum
The Canadian Aviation and Space Museum

4. Canada Canada Celebration

If you happen to be in the capital of Canada on July 1st, be sure to explore the city at all hours of the day! Canada’s largest celebration for being Canadian is held here in Ottawa. Street performers flock to the capital to entertain the many thousands of guests, with street food and beverages stalls pop up all over the capital city.

5. The Rideau Canal

Known as one of Canada’s UNESCO sites, you will not want to miss visiting Rideau Canals. The long history of the canals has a story to be discovered by visitors to the capital of Canada. If you happen to be visiting Canada during the winter months, the canal turns into the longest outdoor skating rink. Be sure to practice your ice skating before your departure!

6. Winterlude: A Celebration of Winter

While we are on the subject of winter, another great tourist attraction in the capital of Canada is the winter festival called Winterlude. Winterlude, Canada’s largest winter outdoor playground, has over 1.6 million people from Ottawa every year to celebrate the winter months. The festival includes making massive snow made-slides, eating fantastic Canadian food, and ice sculpture competition. Don’t let cold weather make you think that it is a bad time to travel to Canada. Canadians truly know how to make the best of the winter months which everyone should experience!

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